Moorestown Foyer Lost Its Marble

The Problem

Clearly a well appointed home, these homeowners were looking to do some tidying’ up, minor updating and detailing in their home. A busy place, these folks have a revolving door of activity, hustle and bustle. Luckily, it is mostly contained to the more traveled areas in the home— the family room, kitchen, the elevator and 2nd floor living spaces.

On the “to-do” list is refreshing of the garden style everyday eating area, the foyer, and perhaps the living room and the dining room. From a surface perspective it centers upon fabrics for the chairs, the marble in the foyer, granite and travertine in the kitchen, and the wood.

This Marble Lost Its “Marble”

While not quite the Parthenon which lost marble statues (and hence the origination of the phrase ‘lost its marbles,’) this gentleman’s castle is just that, a comfortable abode that reflects a life of travels and treasures collected along the way.

And yes, this majestic marble foyer was losing its marble, literally. Looking across from either the family room toward the front door, or across from the formal living room or dining room, the voids in the veins in some of the marble tiles were very obvious. Clearly a smooth surface, these marks reminded you of broken blisters, divots or pockmarks. However described, these blemishes disrupted the beauty of the floor and the grandeur of the room, which was supposed to eloquently display its own artful collection gathered over a lifetime.

Additionally the marble could certainly benefit from some re-polishing efforts, and hence, the invitation extended to us to lend a hand.

The Plan

Pretty straightforward. Diamond grind the field, or the main areas of the floor, then proceed with powder polishing. And, for the repair we planned to fill the voids of the marble tiles whose veins have “released.” (Not sure Chris would agree with me—straightforward, if you could call 2.5+ days of tireless grinding over and over again. Slow, slow going for sure.)

The Results

Without spending a month of Sundays, this foyer floor was repaired and re-polished so it more proudly welcomes folks in to the home. Correcting the obvious blemishes it indeed reflects more beautifully the grandeur and prestige be-fitting this lovely home. Accomplishing what this couple wanted, without too much disruption, we kicked it up a couple notches while they can cross that off their to do list.

Have marble  that has lost its luster, is dull and grungy looking? Does it have deepened pock marks and voids in its veins, or ring marks or spills which don’t clean off?  Like this Moorestown home, we can repair the problem areas and restore your marble’s shine. Why have it if you can’t flaunt it? Free estimates and friendly advice.  Call us at 609.953.0472 or contact us online.