Hardwood Floor Refinishing Referral Tip

Moorestown client takes neighbor’s tip for hardwood floor refinishing and is thrilled.

Very happy to share that we have made another Moorestown homeowner fall in love with her hardwood floors again! This time it’s in Laurel Creek. Faced with direct sun and lots of window exposure, sun faded hardwood floors is an issue. So when our new client wanted to refinish her hardwood floors, she knew exactly who to talk to, her neighbor across the street on Laurel Creek Blvd. Commonly the two neighbors share referrals, especially because both are experienced with contractors in their work.  This neighbor wanted to do her foyer, kitchen and bath, and took the referral from her friend seriously.

A couple years back, our previous customer hired us to reverse her significant sun fade in entire first floor. By far this client researched us extensively and vetted out our dustless process and water-based refinishing like no other. She researched our methods and which refinishing products we used. Then she interviewed us for over 2 hours in person, took time to further check us out, and ultimately awarded the hardwood refinishing to us (and eventually carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning as well.)Badly Sun Damaged Hardwood Floors Incite Major Repairs.

Why This Client Called Us

Beyond the system and equipment, integrity, honesty and superior results were a must for her, (which she admitted she was testing us and confirmed “in the flesh,” as she is accustomed to doing as “Set Designer” for a major awards show in LA.) We fulfilled our promise to her, so much so that she commented we had the most complicated set of tasks she wanted done before moving in and executed them seamlessly, as opposed to some of the other workmanship done by others.

Fast forward a couple years, her neighbor had seen her floors and was impressed. She spoke to her about her experience, was handed our contact info and she booked us to come take a look. Quickly she too liked what she saw and heard, and realized we were the real deal, and quickly booked the job. To make it easy on her family she booked for the July 4th week, when they would be at their shore house.

The Challenges

Like her neighbor, and many others in Laurel Creek, she had sun fade, especially in the foyer. The finish on the red oak was blown, thin and milky, scratched, and even blistered. She also had a plant stain, inherited from the previous owner.

The Work Begins

Prep-check, no repairs-check. Surely we can get this done. But we didn’t factor in the custom flush vent installations, or remember there was a little bit of railing work, and we were working in a tight space in the kitchen and bath (which our tech reminded me of delayed the sanding.) Trying to still deliver, and work around an adult family member staying at home, we had our work cut out for us.

The vents were installed easily, sun fade sanded out, the plant mark was sanded and bleached, and all other issues were easily rectified. As the sanding ensued we did have to work slowly and methodically around the small powder room and the kitchen, with a large island. Not wanting to wait until the final reveal, the gentleman of the house drove up for a look. Clearly he was pleased with the progress, and reaffirmed that we would be done by Sunday. (Tech’s thought to himself- “Whaaaattt?”)

Had To Speed Up The Work, But Not Cut Corners To Accommodate Their Schedule

Quickly reminding us our time forecast was a bit off, he did say the planned weekend work would get it done (he most always works Saturdays, but agreed to Sunday too.) And, as he prefers when the homeowners are not in the home, he commonly will start at 6 am. Projecting the time line, he assured us we can meet the deadline.

We had to put the brakes on staining the floor because of a schedule issue with the daughter. Realizing this may affect the completion date, everyone was in agreement a half day delay was workable. All were content, we “hopped” off as needed, then jumped back on to continue.

Down Goes The Finish

First stain and coats went on, on Monday, the last went on with minimal interruption as all were at work. After a quick dry, we re-installed the trim and doors, and called it a day!

Our client knew she’d be pleased but her ‘significant’ was wurprised and delighted

Again, being in commercial contracting and property management herself,Cathy had no doubt about what the results “wood be.” But her significant did not. And to his surprise he was. So much so that he/they have referred us to tw0 others already!

Want real craftsmanship when refinishing your hardwood and honesty, integrity, and a good customer service experience is important to you  Call us at 609.953.0472 or contact us online.

ps- Our client called immediately, and as of this posting we have delivered new wood to be installed and stained to match in their Dining Room. Professional movers cleared the room, out went the carpet, and the installation has begun. Our client is excited for the next phase of her hardwood floor transformation by Sparkle Surface Care.