Travertine and Grout is Exfoliated

Moorestown client pledges no more spray foundation once her travertine is exfoliated.

Our client, a local Moorestown professional, leads a successful sales office, and dresses the part. And like another client, a world famous architect and his partner in business and life, they both have pledged to do things a little differently while dressing and getting ready for the day.

In this case, it is how and where this trendy dresser will apply her foundation make up. One quick look at her tile, and you can see pink grout… or is it pink grout? You see, the excess spray foundation aerosolizes and then gravity prevails, so it hits the floor and the grout.

This “stone massage – facial therapist” does house calls

One quick call, with PPE and Covid19 protocol, we responded during lock down. Considered essential services, we continue to clean for health’s sake, and clean for appearance sake. Clearly this is an appearance call.

Not knowing what would be needed, stone care procedures can go from simple to complex depending on what the situation is. In this case it is honed travertine. The foundation spray has mainly affected the grout, not the stone. So Chris’ prescription  was simple, steam cleaning would do the trick.

Travertine, like marble can have a honed finish, high hone finish, polished, or high polished. And depending on the use, what is spilled and was is used to clean, there can be a variety of procedures to restore it to the sheen and condition the client prefers. Basically, to elaborate, some work can take days, while other work takes hours. Another way said, a stone procedure may yield 100-200 sq feet in a day, while others can cover 1000 to 2000 sq feet in the same time.

‘De-masking and exfoliation occurs

Zip-zip, now you see it, now you don’t.

Now that the grout is cleaned, this long time client promised to either use a different foundation, or use towels or a cloth on the floor, or perhaps Option 3, which we like, have us steam her floor on a periodic basis.

Time will tell, and like wrinkles as we age, this floor won’t lie!

Have Stone? Flaunt it! Years ago we were endorsed by Westwood Tile and stone, as having a maintenance programs that were the best thing seen for ongoing care that the stone could use. From basic steaming to complex stone restoration, Sparkle can take care of it for you. If you are lucky enough to have this timeless, gorgeous natural element, you should invest in the proper care procedures, products and technical assistance. In minutes, using the wrong product you can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your stone that requires professional restoration to correct (like using vinegar to clean- don’t do it!)

Reach out to us for proper care recommendations, for easy steam cleaning, or for re-honing and polishing Call us at 609.953.0472 or CONTACT US online.