Client Tears Out Dining Room Carpet Replaces With Hardwood

  • Location Residence in Moorestown NJ

The objective

Liking the way their refreshened and restored hardwood floors look now, the dining room (with carpet) now looked inappropriate. With wood surrounding it the carpet detracted from the overall appearance in the main living area. It looked out of place, perhaps like a lost soul. And, not to mention the customer hated the fact that it soiled easily. She could never get the spots out easily. Kind of a bug-a-boo, it drove her nuts.

The work

  • Tear out the unwanted carpet
  • Evaluate the subfloor
  • Install the new unfinished hardwood
  • Sand and refinish it to match

The results

Well, we certainly have one happy camper. The installation went on without a hitch. After acclimating the new unfinished wood was installed. The refinishing was certainly easy. With the rest of the hardwood floors recently refinished, staining and color matching the new floor to the rest was simple. (There was no trial and error or need to carefully migrate a color to match the existing. In many cases that is quite a challenge, but not necessary here.) And the nightmare carpet is no longer an annoyance for them.

Comments about this experienced customer

This customer works in commercial contracting (for over 30+ years), hiring contractors for various commercial jobs as needed. She gets what it takes. She knows good workmanship when she sees it. And, she picks apart shoddy work like nothing flat!

Conversely, she knows a rock solid company when she sees it. And she delightedly adds us to that list! To date we have now done 5 projects for her. And in a new position, she has about 300 facilities she needs to hire out services for to maintain them. And she has promised she intends to bring us in where the work we do is needed!

The post refinish surprise

And just about like that, our client lets us know that after they went out for a walk and her significant is getting the bug to look for a bigger place in the development. She giggled that who knows, if he is insistent on a bigger place they will probably be calling us for more hardwood floor refinishing there too!



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