Happy Clients

Medford neighbors are blown away at how gorgeous their hardwood floors came out!

This customer is so done with her floors, “she” (they) need relief, and now. Just as this customer and her husband were looking for someone to refinish her hardwood floors she saw our pictures of a recent job on facebook. Excited she called us, only to find we live around the corner from her, about 6 houses down. If I could say so myself, I think the job was meant to be. So when she called she even got more excited knowing we were from the same hood- the ‘Hoot Owl’ Hood!

The Problem

Not really any major problems, these clients had a list of repairs they hoped would be corrected along with the floor refinishing. But honestly, our clients’ main peeve, they, aka “she” (Tara) was just plain old done with the dated look of worn, orangy’ yellowed red oak floors. Showing some scratches and wear, it was the dated color that drove her nuts. So with some contracting efforts going on in the family room, this was the time to do all the first floor floors, and eventually the upstairs too.

But as we got to talking we could tell our client was going to struggle with the stain color. Not too light, not too dark, pops of dark with some pops of brown, and hints that she could accent her decor in gray tones.

We discussed their vision and showed them a stain chart on a brochure. Then we showed them a fan deck (chips with the colors on a ring so to speak.) We reviewed aspects that will affect color, such as lighting, wall color, decor, and trends versus timeless choices.  Next we promised we would put samples down for them on their  floor before we began the refinishing process.

Clearly Tara needed extra time to sort out all her competing thoughts about the colors. Which, she admitted she was stressed about.  In her mind, the thought to have to live with a color that turns out she’s isn’t mad about seemed terrifying to her. We completely understood.

There were  a couple colors were in the running, and her first choice was warm gray. To help, I suggested that I ask permission from a previous customer to see her floors, as it was very similar. This way Tara could see the finished product on a large scale. (This client chose a slightly different shade, but so close it gave Tara a real feel for the look.)  And we sensed it would be really helpful.

This customer visits our previous job to help her narrow down stain color.

Tara and John were grateful we didn’t rush them, we let them take their time. They recognized we guided with a steady hand awaiting a decision.They thanked us for going above and beyond, especially that we arranged the walk thru. Turns out, this previous client also took about 3 weeks to decide on her color choice thinking through the same issues. But this client was a pro, and inherent in her job in commercial contracting, she deals with surfaces, elements, cost and color decisions all the time.

The phone rang and their decision was made.

Not long after that we got the final decision-‘warm gray,” not too gray, not too brown, just a balanced touch to bring out both tones. Relieved that our client was confident in her decision, she signed off on the color. She was at ease (and has never looked back!)

Not wasting time our lead sander bleached, repaired the problems, and installed the new flush mount vents.

In the family room where a bar sat was an area of stained wood, we promised to attempt to bleach out the stains, to avoid replacing the stained boards. And, after 2 vents were recessed into the floor, we filled in the abandoned vents. Seeing the results it was about a red hot minute before they added 3 more flush vents to the list. And this time it would remove the vertical vent in the living room that they disliked immensely. So with a little duct work modification, the vertical vents were eliminated. With just a few more repairs we were almost done. Three holes were plugged, and two transitions were installed.

The clients were especially excited that a new custom transition would be installed to cover a long slice in the wood near the transition. As is, it is sloppy and unsightly. Sloppy because, when the carpet was removed by a previous owner, the carpet was cut with a sheetrock knife right into the wood, and it was visible. By installing a slightly wider flush transition, we covered up the slice that sanding would not correct.

Now with the repairs and upgrades completed they were ready to sand, stain and refinish.

Excitedly they realized that with 2 upcoming mini trips out of town, they would spend little time dealing with the noise of our sanders and vacuums running. Phase 1 was the family room, and when they returned it was nearly done, and exactly how Tara had hoped! Soon they were out again, and the living room, kitchen, office, and hall were tackled. So just in time for Labor Day, and a trip to the shore, they were gone while the heaviest, noisiest and most invasive work was done, ahd the floors were finished.

Our clients came home and were blown away with their floors!

To our delight the floors were exactly what Tara envisioned, but “on steroids” It was almost magical to Tara, gorgeous hardwood floors with hints of highlights! The color and finish was perfect. They couldn’t thank us enough, or say enough good things about the entire experience, from start to finish! The care taken before, the workmanship and service, and the results all pointed to a home run!

Now they want to do the stairs and asked a favor, if we would do their table top to match. After some pretty pleasing, we said yes!

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