Marching on Rita’s Floors

Almost time to March Into Rita’s!

Pss’t it’s February and it’s almost time to make the water ice! And to get ready the Rita’s franchisees are starting to get their stores in order. If I could guess they are probably cleaning and detailing all their equipment. Maybe they are sprucing things up to get ready for March 1, Opening Day.

And on that list for the Northfield Franchisee is to strip and wax her floors.

Roseanne called with a heightened request for strip and wax services for her store location in Northfield. As is customary for the franchisee they close for a couple months, then come to life with Free Water Ice on Opening Day, March 1. So now that it was late January she was motivated to get the floors scheduled.

She told me about her project and her failed floor, and what work had been done after the floor failed.

While I am in no position to comment on a UV cured floor, I can comment that this customer was disappointed in that coating. And after that experience she had someone strip the floors and re-wax them in the traditional manner.

So surfing the net for a floor cleaning service she found us.

As I was sharing about our enhanced steam rinsing process she was also asking me good questions.

When she had the work done last year she had them put 6 coats of wax down. The goal was to build the coats up enough to get through the entire season. I anwered her that yes, we could do that for her as well. Or, I also explained that we might have a superior wax blend that may have more “beef” to it. Either way we would accomodate her with a suitably performing wax.

Time to get on the floor!

If I recall I think she reached out to us on a Saturday. She got us measurements, and Chris gave her pricing. She gave us permission, and the work was scheduled for that Tuesday.

Again, working remotely she got the store unlocked, and we went in and did our thing! From the gist of things the stripping and waxing was pretty straightforward. They had things moved and ready for us, so the guys worked at a good clip.

So the stripping and rinsing went fast. However, applying 6 wax coats was a different thing. Seems Chris called in between every wax coat, to pass the time away! Good thing it was January. With the cold and dryness the wax dried quicker than any other time of the year.

Six is a charm, and they were done!

Chris called me to tell me they were done. I called Roseanne and told her as well. She locked the door remotely, and that was it. We made arrangements for payment, and she thanked us for being so quick. Liking how carefree and easy this went for her, Roseanne also mentioned that she will share our name with other Rita’s franchisees. She said they talk and share things back and forth.

I thanked her for the business, and thanked her for sharing our name.

And I mentioned that we now have added Rita’s to the list of restaurants that we are working for. Besides Rita’s we also do Dunkin, Yardhouse, Devon’s Seafood, Starbucks. Adding to the list in the near future will be Capital Grille, Iron Hill, and about 5 more popular restaurants!

Have VCT or hardsurface in your restaurant, our steam cleaning will get your dirty floors clean. Demos’ avail. Free Estimates. Gets the dirt and grease out!  Call 609.953.0472. Or Contact Us online.