Medford Marble Re-honed and Polished- Wow!

New owners were hoping their marble vanity’s brilliance could be restored

Having just moved in their to-do list is a mile long. One item on it was the marble vanity. Basically they liked it, and they really didn’t want to replace it. But, it was really rough in some areas, and dull in others. Before sinking money in to a new one they wanted to see if it could be restored.

The problem

Marble is very soft, it damages easily when exposed to use, drips dribbles and spills. Even bath and body products, make up, hair spray, and household cleaners can damage it. So this new owner wanted to have an estimate and be given options to restore it with the hopes a professional can make it look much better.

We went out first and looked at the vanity, and happily we were sure we could make it look much better

Chris was very optimistic the marble will shine up nicely. However, before he could do the work he wanted to have the faucet removed so me could get better access around the escutcheons. Luckily, a contractor buddy could take it off, so we could do the work the very next day.

The job is booked for the very next day

First the contractor removed the faucet, and our team arrived just after, mid morning. After putting up plastic to protect all adjacent surfaces (because wet grinding the stone creates a slurry that is messy if you don’t use protective plastic,) we began the grinding process. Kind of like wet sanding a surface with sand paper, this is wet grinding with an electric hand sander- grinding tool. First we hit the rough areas with 150 grit, then 300. After making it more uniform with the less damaged areas, we went over the entire vanity surface with 300. Next we used diamond encrusted pads with grits of 800, 1500 and 3000. The larger the grit number, the finer the abrasive surface, and what we need to use to restore the beauty and brilliance. With the grinding done we powder polished the vanity, then sealed it, followed with the last task of doing the final polish.

Knowing it was really responding nicely, Chris called in to the office very excited, as he was sure the clients would be thrilled with the outcome. Confident we expected to have happy clients, we were delighted that they were over the moon thrilled, and are now very very happy clients.

So happy with our work, they indicated they are very eager and excited to have us get many other projects of theirs done for them in the near future! (We’d say that was a home run for us, exactly our goal with every customer, giving them a great service experience while turning them from a new client in to a champion client who uses us and refers us for years to come!) As we say, one stop for all your floor projects and more with one quick call!

Marble can be gorgeous if cared for properly, but often it is not. If your marble is dull or has marks that don’t clean off Call us at 609.953.0472 or contact us online.We will always give you a Free Estimate.