Magnificent Marble, Mr Stetson’d be Brimming With Pride

Marble —The Stately Back Story —From Cowboys to Presidents

Mary called about marble restoration. As she showed us the marble bathrooms throughout her house we got a tour. It was her childhood home. Filled with unique items gathered by her father, every room was rich in history… The marble was no exception!

They began as cautious customers, inquiring about the process, asking questions and feeling a bit reserved at the onset. After I cited references and credentials and explaining the process they gained comfort in us and wanted to proceed.

The marble was located in four bathrooms and a fireplace hearth. Although dull in each of the areas, Mary and her husband were hoping the marble was restore-able. I told them their hunch was correct, and put their concerns at ease.

Turns out her father, a fiery Croatian immigrant and quite a character, set about building a home for he and his wife in Delran, at the ripe young age of 73. Finally able to enjoy the fruits of his blood, sweat and tears, he personally would build the home he and his wife so deserved.

A man with a vision, this gent definitely had a penchant for thinking outside the box as he sourced items for his home. Always on the hunt, he found out that the Stetson Hat Company’s building would be demolished, and certain pieces were available and worthy of re-purposing. So wasting no time they collected the large marble 3’x4′ foot slabs along with some finials.  A perfect accouterment, the marble would do nicely in his new house.

Not quite fit for a king, but certainly of noble stature it was history worth preserving. You see these marble pieces were extracted from the floor of Mr Stetson’s private office. And along with Mr. Stetson himself, this marble greeted every President during the time he was at the helm in his Philadelphia Office. Likewise, he was visited by every famous cowboy in his time. What history to be preserved, and a much more suitable resting place for the marble than that of  a junk yard.

And Now for Our Part of the Preservation

Clearly these elements are treasured by this family, and deserve some TLC. So we embraced the work and the importance of restoring them. As much a sentimental treasure, this was a tribute to both her mother and father, and Mr Stetson.

Wasting no time we set about our work. First the powder room, then the downstairs Master Bath. Then moving upstairs they all had the normal procedure of diamond grinding, honing and polishing. And much of it made the marble look stunningly gorgeous. So much so, when taken to see a sneak peak Mary thought the surface we showed her was wet, it was so shiny- a night and day transformation.

Just a tease, other poultice work and repairs continued. Some areas needed a couple poultice applications. The powder room needed a few where the toilet ring had iron transfer into the white marble. The downstairs bath stone had some chips missing along the seams. Each bathroom needed some spot grouting, grouting and caulking. Some stone trim was needed to cover seams.

Simultaneously doing the poultice and repairs, our team moved upstairs and continued dancing on those floors till they were repaired and the shine restored. Throughout, there was a combination of old and new tweaks that modernized the bathrooms. For instance, the marble in the master now proudly shines and showcases a gorgeous soaking tub. In all this bathroom is more of retreat with spa like qualities.

Finally attention turned to the marble hearth in the den. Eventually all bright and brilliant again, this hearth is breath taking. We are pleased and our customers are again stunned! In fact so stunned, Mary’s husband contacted the new owners of their former Moorestown Home.  Having a marble hearth as well, he is sure they will want theirs prominently restored as well.

Now our marble project is complete, the plumbers are done, and the window treatments are being installed. Pretty soon these folks will have their house back to themselves, but not quite yet!

Frankly, it is a breath of fresh air to get a few things off  their “to-do” list, but more abounds. However, the next pressing project shifts to the outside.

Enjoying The Fact We Can Help With Other Projects- Trust Is Everything For This Couple

Mary remembered that we work with all floor surfaces and had another challenge for us- her parquet foyer floor. Wondering if it could be restored, we discussed this project with her. After a couple other pressing projects they will be calling to schedule the wood project.

For Marie-

Our tending to detail has resonated, and so has the personal interaction. As our work began Wendy took time with Mary, who clearly enjoyed and wanted to share many of the personal connections with items throughout the home as we walked around and explored her projects.

In fact, Wendy learned many’o story Mary and those four walls could tell. While they couldn’t, Mary could. Taking a little time with her, Wendy saw the love, cherished memories, comfort received and homage Mary wanted to pay in restoring this home. Beyond maintenance and updating, this was a labor of love and a way to honor her parents. What a pleasure it was, and is for Team Sparkle to be part of this memory!

We delight in saying we are in the customer service business, and it just happens to be cleaning, polishing and restoring is how we show it. This was no exception.

We can restore your marble’s shine, repair minor blemishes and remove etch marks which don’t come out with cleaning. And once restored we will give you suitable stone care product suggestions and a plan for periodic maintenance to ensure lasting shine and beauty for years to come.  Call us at 609.953.0472 or contact us online. 

PS- From the hints and words Marie shared with Chris, finding us was like finding a diamond in the ruff! On the phone she was timid, asking about references and what makes us qualified. Not wanting a Philly Contractor, she eventually found us but wanted validation. Fast forward- like her other contractor, and putting words in her mouth- my hunch would say she struck gold! The personal interaction was important to her. and she got that in us. Workmanship of course is key, but in addition. faith gained and trust earned during the process is priceless!