We Replaced Client’s Kitchen Wood with Similar Looking LVP

  • Location Home in Cherry Hill

The Objective

Clients love their kitchen hardwood floor, however with 3 kids and a bar top, every day use has taken its toll. Basically they loved the kitchen floor color and look. However, they planned to search for a similar looking LVP, and called us.

The reasons for LVP made sense to them. The proposed installation would encompass their kitchen and foyer. They were assuming it could be installed overtop their hardwood. And they were guessing it probably would be a clean installation (good hunch)!

The foyer already transitioned nicely to the living room and dining room, so the retrofit would be simple.

The Challenge

At this point, with buyer trends being in the gray tones, the choices were somewhat limited in the browns and red tones family. However, we found one that was a dead ringer, about a perfect match for them.

The Benefits

The sample compared to their hardwood couldn’t have matched any closer. It had the following characteristics (good to know):

  • This top end sample had a good “wear layer” which is the visible and walkable thickness of the floor (compared to a thin, flimsy less durable one)
  • It had pad attached, so there is no separate pad needed, rather it is an upgraded floor that will install easily
  • The “registry”, or impressed or stamped detailed texture mimicked hardwood
  • All in all this product was top of the line

Our Solution

Pretty simple. We planned to install the goods overtop the existing hardwood. This would be a clean, easy installation. Along with installing it we would install new transition material along the large opening in the living room, and also in the dining room. Similarly we would also install a transition inside the coat closet in the foyer. The client saw no need to bother putting the LVP in the closet too. Between storing coats and their vacuum, there was no need to upgrade the closet in their minds.

Their Decision Delay

Delivering 3 samples to them they asked if they could keep them, which we of course said sure. Now this was after the New Year, in the throws of winter and time seemed to march on. We hadn’t heard from them in about 3 weeks.

And because they hinted they wanted to look around we were certain we lost the deal. Additionally, the best dead ringer sample they liked the most happened to be a top of the line choice. Therefore, we realized there were less expensive alternatives they could get their hands on.

But out of the blue we got a call, they were ready to proceed. So we stopped back, firmed everything up and got the goods ordered. The goods were delivered to their house a few days ahead of time to let them acclimate. Then the following day we began the install.

The Results

Marvin wasted no time. He got right to it. By the first day’s end the goods installed almost covered the main area of the kitchen. It gave them a great perspective of how the floor will look. And our client was stunned at how similar, almost exactly matched the new LVP was, especially the color. Frankly, looking from across the room it was even hard to tell it wasn’t her original floor. She was instantly in love with it!

Day two arrived, and we hoped back on the floor. Working around school drop offs we accommodated her mom’s taxis service, we arrived just as she got back home. The entire floor area in the kitchen and foyer hall was completely installed. Our final day was a shorter one, about a half day. Left to do was to reset the trim, put the doors back in place, and make and install the transitions.

Both husband and wife were thrilled with the outcome. They felt good about the floor being a better fit for water resistance. And they also liked that it was more durable in handling heavy foot traffic from kids and such. With the job ending and final instructions, we wished them luck enjoying their new floor!

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