Clean A Love Sac Baby

How to Clean a Love Sac™, Baby Love Sac™

Sometimes we get special requests to clean unusual items, and this is one of those times. Back in the fall this new customer had us out to clean her upholstery, after a water damage claim in the basement. And since it was kind of stale and ‘stenchy,’ she had us clean her kids Love Sacs,™ too!

Our tech was “all in” and went to town cleaning every square inch of the two Love Sacs™

Now usually when we clean upholstery it is straightforward, we clean all parts and sides of the cushions, the frame, the back, the under surface of the cushion (called the decking,) and when appropriate the skirts and the piping. Let me say that’s usually.

How Do You Clean a Love Sac™

I am confident to share, slowly and methodically! Holding it with one hand, keeping it in place, and using the tiny upholstery wand making sure you go over all the areas thoroughly and completely. I am fairly certain it took Mark awhile. In fact, I know that he is now haunted by them, after cleaning 2 of them!

Cleaning Upholstery Really Does Have A Benefit-

Imagine your teenager playing basketball in the heat of summer, then coming in and plopping on the sofa in front of the tv—all that sweat, stink and body oil. So envision their favorite chair, same thing happens.

Upholstery is really, really, really good at masking, or hiding soil. The fabric often doesn’t show the assault that living and life has upon it. However, it doesn’t mean it’s not caked and loaded with dirt, body oils, spills, and even worse.

Just take a broom and bang it on the cushions (ps- hold your nose!) The dirt and dust will often billow in the air, even choking you.

But as stated above, multiply that sweaty concept rubbing on the upholstery 24-7, 365 days a year! Add your dog dragging its butt across the fabric, rubbing its back on the back-side-or skirt,or your cat licking its paws while on the piece, or perhaps a toddler potty during training, your upholstery (and carpet,) puts up with a lot. Or, like us, you tend to eat dinner in front of the TV.

You Wouldn’t Sleep On Sheets Without Washing Them For Six Months—

Then Why Do You Let Months or Years Go By Without Cleaning Your Upholstery

If we took a microbiological sample of all the dirt, germs and grime and had it tested, you may think differently. Your upholstery and carpet owe you nothing. Just the opposite, you owe your upholstery and carpet some cleaning!

Here’s a petri dish sample of what effective restorative cleaning can remove out of fabric and carpet:

  • ⇒ Kills dust mites and bacteria
  • ⇒ Removes the dead skin they live on
  • ⇒ Sucks out flea eggs
  • ⇒ Removes body oils and fluids
  • ⇒ Flushes out biological fluids
  • ⇒ Rinses out wet dog oily smells
  • ⇒Removes cat dander and allergy causing saliva
  • ⇒Washes our water soluble soils
  • ⇒Solubulizes oily dirts
  • ⇒Rinses pollutants out improving air quality
  • ⇒Removes airborne chemicals such as fertilizers and pest control chemicals
  • ⇒Reverses some oxidation
  • ⇒Removes the ‘crusty’s’, improves softness
  • ⇒Brightens colors in fabric and fiber
  • ⇒Restores fabric and fiber, extending its life
  • ⇒Flushes out odor sources
  • ⇒Dissolves stale and musty odor
  • ⇒Removes cigarette smoke and contaminants
  • ⇒Extracts allergy causing pollens, spores, mildew, etc
  • ⇒Rinses food, beverage and other spills
  • ⇒Washes out some returning spots
  • ⇒Removes residues left by other cleaners
  • ⇒Retards soil
  • ⇒No harmful chemicals, safe for pets and kids
  • ⇒Least residue from any cleaning
  • ⇒Preserves factory finish

Are You “Eked” Out By Now—You Should Be

Sorry for the down and dirty reality that is described above.

Upholstery and carpet take a beating from daily living. But unlike carpet which usually shows its “nasties,” upholstery does not as much. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not dirty  (after reading what cleaning does remove!)

So whether it’s a sofa, or sectional, whether it’s a recliner, an ottoman, and yes a Love Sac,™ your furniture is screaming for you to have us clean it!

Call us, certified technicians to discuss your upholstery cleaning project! Upholstery cleaning is specialized, don’t just call anyone. To get a free estimate Call us at 609.953.0472 or contact us online. 

PS- just as this case study is being written Chris, Upholstery Cleaner Extraordinaire spilled a half cup of coffee on our family room chair. Running for the paper towels (a big gob of them,) he blotted and blotted. He soaked the 4 paper towels, at least it absorbed into the towel instead of the fabric and cushion. And to make a point, the tan-reddish fabric completely hid the spill. You wouldn’t even know it if he didn’t yell at his mistake!

PSS- I have begun haunting Mark—I’ve been texting him pictures of different Love Sacs—feel free to send me one of yours, I’m sure Mark would love to clean it!


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