Hardwood Floor Gets Custom Color Match To Complete Mount Laurel Renovation

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Medford Custom Builder Hires Us To Custom Color Match Hardwood Floors

Working closely with the Interior Designer For Gary Gardner, Andrea asked us to refinish their customer’s upstairs hall and living room. With only the stair treads to work with, we had to start fresh to match the color stain. This was to be the last task for the renovation, and what would tie in the new hand scraped LVP in the Dining Room with the ceramic in the foyer. Color matching the living room and the upstairs hall with the foyer overhang would eliminate the lighter, dated look of the red oak boards.

The problem

There was no recording of what blend was used on the stairs, no extra boards to go by. We had to try our luck with something close in color and be prepared, like going back to kindergarten mixing colors, to arrive at the right match. Team Sparkle, at the shop mocked up some sample colors on a board, taking a guess at what might be close.

A Color Match Meeting Was Arranged

Confident we had something that was a good start, we set up an appointment with Andrea, and her client, the homeowner. Bingo, we got real close, and surprised both Andrea and the real boss, Mrs. Homeowner. First attempt, and we 99% nailed it!

The Work was scheduled

Now confident we had the color set (without our lead hardwood floor tech yet to see it,) the project was scheduled right after the New Year. Our team arrived with the trailer, positioned so as to not interfere with the customer’s garage use. We walked the project. To get started we informed the customer how we would prepare before workstart. We informed Andrea and Mrs. Homeowner that we’d request the heavy glass doors be removed, and we would erect a plastic zip wall to contain the work in the living room. As we worked in and out of the house we would remove our shoes, or use shoe covers to minimize anything being brought in by our shoes.

The work began

The “tip-toe’ing” began. Well sort of. Our tech decided to do the upstairs hall sanding first with our drum sander, a beast of a machine. Then he would do the edging and hand scraping of the edges. This way we would get the floors sanded and prepared so later in the day the family could get to their rooms during the process. (Of course we instructed them stocking feet or inside shoes only, no bare feet. And absolutely no liquids should be chanced, as any spills would affect the wood.)

Next we moved the big machine downstairs and concentrated on the living room. It was sanded quickly. After water-popping the floor to reveal any imperfections before staining, we coordinated with the family so when the stain was put on it did not interfere with their need to walk on the floors (again in socks, no bare feet,) at the end of the day.

Our technician decided to add but a mere drop of black to the color selected, to get it a hint darker. It was even closer, and we were real happy with how we expected it “wood” come out. The stain was applied upstairs first, and the family abided by the no walk rule,  for about 6 hours. Andrea came back for a quick look and loved the color, and the homeowner commented it had a slight variety of color lay up. A few boards were lighter, but the results provided a nice contrast to the plate holding the spindles, and the treads. Frankly the variation tied everything in together nicely. Then the living room was stained, which was lesser of problem, since that room is seldom used.

Next day the sealer went on in the same fashion. And Friday am, while the family went skiing, we applied the two coats of finish, one early in the day, and one after lunch. Our final task, we returned to remove the protective plastic.

The work is done, and the designer and the clients are happy

Another thrilled customer, and this time an impressed interior designer with our work! Only thing now, and not discussed, who will take bets the homeowner will reach out to continue the new color scheme into her bedroom from where it co-joins from the hallway. Fingers crossed! LOL.

Board repair is tricky, but this time it came out beautifully! Call us to discuss your hardwood floor project, whether it be a repair or a refinish. We will always give you a Free Estimate. Call us at 609.953.0472 or contact us online.