Hardwood Stairs & Railing Makeover – A Sophisticated Upgrade

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First Thing Buyer Wanted -Remove Her Hardwood Hangover Now!

The problem

Buyer got the house of her dreams, right down the street from where the house she just sold. This contemporary house had everything. Moreover, it was beautifully landscaped, and had a gorgeous pool. In addition, it had a first floor master suite. And finally, overall it had “good bones.”

Trouble was some things about the contemporary vibe were a little too relaxed for her!

She couldn’t stand the appearance of her stairs and railings. In fact, the look of them turned our client’s stomach.

To expand a bit, the grand foyer had a very modern contemporary vibe which our client found revolting. She compared it it to a cheap furniture brand you would use to furnish your kid’s college dorm room. The stairs and railings had to go, and immediately!

(Along with that would also be tear out of several rooms of carpet, and a full kitchen gut. Bring in new hardwood flooring in the family room and kitchen, and hall.) To see more about this part of the job, click here>

Preferring a more traditional nuance’, Claudia Affannato, her former sister in law and designer “GC” had her back. All traces of the informal stairs, railings and entry would be replaced. Installed would be traditional railings with metal balusters including some occasional accent ones. Stained treads and painted risers replaced the dirty, ugly carpeted stairs. To complete the look a new cut glass chandelier was ordered and installed too.

The stairs and railings challenge

  • Remove the god awful bleached and modern railings
  • Tear out the carpet on the stairs
  • Install stair tread covers over the stair sub floor
  • Install 3/4″ red oak on the landing
  • Cover the risers with a veneer designed to be painted
  • Sand and refinish the treads, risers and upper hallway
  • Coordinate the stain with the railing guy

The results

We erased every trace of the “throw away” look in the entry for our customer. First sanded and refinished the upper hallway and balcony. Next we installed red oak stair tread covers (an easier, more cost effective alternative than replacing all the stair treads. We covered the treads with a paintable veneer, and installed a red oak landing over the sub floor.

After installing the stair components, they were sanded and refinished. Finally, we provided the stain for the railing guy to use. This coordinated the railings and newel posts so they matched the stairs.

What the designer had to say on behalf of her client: “Chris, Wendy and Marvin are my go-to for hardwood floor installation and refinishing. Their work is impeccable and exactly what I need in giving my clients what they want from me. And, it’s the reason I’ve referred them now for probably more than 20 years now! (People these days don’t understand what it takes and they do. They don’t get it- but I do, and so do they. For that reason I don’t mess around!)

Having a team that consistently delivers superior work means everything to me. And the do this day in and day out. I would never use anyone else. My reputation is on the line, and they have my back. I recommend them for hardwood floor installation and refinishing, and for that matter any of their services, to anyone in need of what they do! 


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