Dirty Stone and Grout Cleaned To Like New

BEFORE–Dirty looking travertine tile and grout. Notice the tile is brown and the grout is black. It’s not the color they’re supposed to be, but it’s the cleanest the client can get them. The fact is, people usually forget what their tile really is supposed to look like until we clean it for them.

AFTER–Fresh, grout cleaned, disinfected, and uniform looking. Note the grout is now very light, not black, and the tile is light beige not dark brown. This is typical. Don’t believe me, wait until I show you the mucky mess your floor turns into as we prep it before we steam it. Now imagine this. Many people have tile surfaces —floors, countertops, etc.—and those have all the same problems. Millions of microbes and bacteria are hiding out in that grout and in the crevices of the tile. We clean up to an inch deep and sanitize. Then we can seal it, which keeps it clean and makes it clean up so much easier for a long long time. After seeing this, can you imagine making the mistake of not sealing? Without proper sealing, deep cleaning services will be required often. Sealing will inhibit staining.

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