Showroom Floor Stripped, Steamed and Waxed

Stripping and Waxing – Commercial

This Delanco business was owner tired of years of dirt, oil and grime. He finally had enough, and wanted to get his showroom stripped and re-waxed so it erased the years of toil and soil. Clearly a seasoned and busy place, George was ready for a fresh start. And what better time than between seasons- just after the height of snow blower season, but before mower season.

The Challenge

VCT, or Vinyl Composite Tile is a resilient flooring commonly used in commercial applications. For this project the challenge is to remove the dirt, grit and grime, but also to attack the oils and lubricants that also are evident from the motors and machines that are sold by this company. A multi-generational business, this company was due for some floor refinishing.

Familiar with our tile steaming done at his home, the owner orders stripping, steaming and rinsing before the wax coats are applied on his commercial floors.

You see, George, a no non-sense kinda guy lives and breathes his business, but when it comes to his house he wants clean and maintained, which we have helped him with for years. Having a busy house with dogs and ceramic tile, he has long relied on our tile steaming that quickly, effectively and thoroughly cleans, without him lifting a finger, and without him ever being there too! Normal procedure, “the door will be open, I want the carpets cleaned, the tile in the kitchen, my shower and don’t forget the porch. Let me know when you are done and I will run home to pay you. PS, there are drinks in the fridge if your guys want them, tell them to help themselves.”

So when it came to getting his showroom cleaned up it was a no-brainer’. With a quick phone call, the request was, “When can you do it?”

What better time to refinish the floor than The Slow Time In Winter

For George it was his slow time, but winter commonly is mis-interpreted as a less desirable time to get floor refinishing or carpet cleaning. But if you think about it, it is the driest time of year, so cleaning and refinishing goes much faster. If we were in Denver, Dallas or Phoenix I would tell you differently, but we are the South Jersey area we are in a damp, humid environment much of the year. With drying inherently on our side we loaded up and were glad to help.

Ready, Set, Let’s Get It Done!

George had the showroom all but emptied out for us- with exception to a vintage tractor that was the living tribute to years gone by. After quick inspection we were ready to lay the stripping solution down. After letting it dwell (allowing the chemical reaction to begin) for a few moments, our guys jumped on our swing machines which rotary scrub the floor, in the traditional manner. As usual, this is the stage where the dirt begins to release, and typically becomes a slurry mess. Of course, as expected, and was the case, the dirt on this floor was one “red hot mess!” Swirls and swirls of dirt, grime, sand, grease and oil released from the vinyl surface and foamed up in need of being rinsed off. Our first pass hit the “field” or main part of the floor, then the second pass attacked the edges, with a specialized tool for doing edge work.

This client is happy because steam rinsing rather than a mop and a bucket is rinsing on steroids and will make it look better than traditional efforts!

What sets us apart is how we combine the traditional floor refinishing procedures with the state of the art steam rinsing with truck mount and tile steaming equipment. You see, it is quite the exception to combine the best of old and new methods, simply because the janitorial or floor refinishing industry does not invest in this very expensive truck mount cleaning system. Investing north of $30,000 to $60,000 for a truck mount system is usually not in the cards for the typical janitorial operation. (In fact, some savvy janitorial companies hire us to accompany them on jobs to take advantage of this very amazing and cool technology. )

Just think about it, no janitor, as careful and thorough as he can be, can have enough mops and buckets with clean water to rinse and clean the floor, as a turbo cleaning wand will do. As opposed to a simple mop up procedure, our turbo wand is spinning at _________dpi, laying and recovering fresh, probably nearly 200 degree hot clean water, with a second effective cleaning solution and recovered with vacuum extraction (so strong it will collapse your lung, or blow your ear drum.) Therefore, it stands to reason that this rinsing simply is light years ahead of what janitors can achieve, or as we say, it is truly “rinsing on steroids.”

Better steam and rinsing is just the ticket, so we are almost ready for the wax coats to restore the shine

As the rinsed floor dried we inspected the bare, stripped floor, and looked to see if any other “tweaking” was necessary. Sometimes we may re-scrub areas that did not completely release out. And given the oil and lubricant component of spillage, we worked again on some areas, where most released. But realistically, it might stand to reason that years of exposure left unaddressed, there may be some residual spillage that migrates from a category of soil (as defined as a foreign but removable substance) to a category of stain (a permanent alteration of the surface affected by long standing exposure of a spill.)

Again, another inspection revealed we got the soiling removed, we rinsed it and attacked the oil stains as best we could. Now it was “show time.” In addition to the thorough prep, we have in our bag of tricks not only superior stripping agents, and secondary rinsing agents, we also insist upon a superior performing wax product. It only stands to reason that you get what you pay for, and when we refinish floors it is done using the finest tools, equipment, techniques, stripping agents and waxes that money can buy. Conversely,  you can get a janitor with a mop bucket, wringer mop and stripper to refinish your floors more cheaply, but that is not how we do things. And, that is not what our clients want- they understand there is an investment in a superior job, and the results pay for themselves.

Bringing In And Laying Down The Best Suited Wax Needed For Optimal Performance

Waxes are a dime a dozen, and clearly many are formulated to get the job done, but with little protection or expectation of performance. The priority to select and use an appropriate wax for the situation is critical. And with over 45 years of waxing experience, there is no cutting corners or cheapening when it comes to our protecting the floors with a resilient shine.

The Final Touch

Our wax of choice, a blend of materials with a 25% solids, the workhorse component that will resist exposure moving forward. Three coats of wax will be applied, each after the previous coat being allowed to completely dry. Delightfully, the floor now shines and creates the canvas with which to showcase the tools and equipment this owner is proud to display. Our job well done, and one very happy and satisfied customer!

Words of Advice When Contemplating Floor Refinishing

What are the goals in refinishing floors- a thorough, beautiful resilient floor that will withstand soil, spillage and traffic for a optimal time before re-coating or re-stripping, or is the goal just to give it a once over? Often the stripping process involves a considerable amount of preparation, so investing in a superior job will pay off for business owners.  Let’s face it, clean floors, clean bathrooms or a showroom that show cases its wares in the best possible light is a reflection on the business and the brand, and has an impression on every customer, client, potential client who comes thru the door. Your choice.

Need More Reassurance? If PSE&G was impressed enough to study and adopt our floor program in their buildings, it might be worthwhile taking a look at the process for your building…

Clients in need of stripping and waxing commercial floors are now offered a superior, state of the art method of refinishing, where the results far surpass old techniques provided for generations.  Advanced technology assists our proven methods and simply outshines what others can achieve. Our stripping and refinishing is the finest process available, and the secret long sought after by empowered, educated and quality oriented clientele.

In fact, a former client, PSE&G studied and from what we understand implemented our program  for maintaining floors. And, they rolled it out, or main parts of it at all their facilities throughout New Jersey- the ultimate compliment for us!

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