Sealed Concrete Garage Floor Cleans Up

The dirt, grease, oil and soils on this garage floor grates on the nerves of these Cherry Hill homeowners!

Used to having everything just so and in its place, this couple, who adore their white Cadillacs, could not stand to see the oil and grease buildup on their garage floor. A white shiny surface, the oil and grease was unsightly and was prominently visible for everyone to see. Not that this couple has a lot of guests, they mostly keep to themselves, but this greasy, oily mess was simply unacceptable. Accustomed to having us maintain the ceramic tile with wide grout lines at his Haddonfield salon, Dennis, one of the homeowners, was certain our hard surface steaming process would tidy up the garage floor nicely. So he called us and said put us on your schedule.

The problem

Obviously your average garage is exposed to oils, soils and grease drips, dribbles and spills. It also is subject to rubber tire marks, and a greasy film that releases from the heated lubricants inherent from working motor part components. But in this case when you take a garage floor with a high gloss finish, it is going to show every imperfection ten times over.

The steaming process is good for both residential or commercial structures.

Concrete, either in a residential or commercial application responds nicely with the steaming process. And, it is also highly effective for either sealed concrete, polished concrete or a unfinished or sealed concrete floor as well. Ideally it would be beneficial to steam the floor prior to using a sealer, as long as the concrete is allowed to dry properly before the sealing application.

The same steaming, or in combination with machine scrubbing, is very effective for really dirty floors. In fact, years ago we were invited to do a demo of a mechanic’s work bay at an auto dealership. The steaming blasted through 30 + years of oil and dirt, revealing the original painted surface.

Our deep steaming processes described

The truck mount steam cleaning process we used applies hot, hot water, as close to boiling as possible. Delivered with high PSI together with a suitable cleaning agent that attacks and suspends oil and grease related build up, and then recovered to a waste tank, this process is highly effective for surface soiling. In fact, it can result in a “now you see it, now you don’t experience.” If needed we can pre-treat and machine scrub the surface before steam extracting to attack more difficult soiling, such as embedded grease buildup.

Results are beyond what a janitorial or traditional floor cleaning team can accomplish

The difference we achieved, which your average janitorial floor crew simply could not replicate with a mop and a bucket, was in great part due to our $60,000 “suctioned steam chamber” powerful cleaning machine, motored by a car engine.

For the deepest clean let our highly experienced team bring this advanced technology will give you the cleanest, shiniest outcome possible.

From a painted residential garage floor surface to show rooms, car dealership floors, warehouses, or frankly most any or hard surface flooring, this cleaning will restore the floors to as clean as possible.

Have unsightly garage floors? Steam cleaning garage floor surfaces can remove the oils, soils, dirt and tire marks. Free Estimate. Call us at 609.953.0472 or contact us online.