Church Preschool Floor Shine

Team Sparkle Restores Haddonfield United Methodist Church’s Floors’ Shine

With “Back To School” around the corner, we readied the floors to welcome the kiddos back from summer vacation.

Surfing the internet, church handyman discovers our website and calls us to get an estimate. During our conversation Phil, the handyman was impressed that we have maintained Medford United Methodist Churches for nearly 20 years now. They, along with about 25 other places of worship, Phil gained confidence in our reputation, and eagerly asked for us to provide him a free estimate.

While on the phone I suggested he take a look at our “case studies-commercial” tab and then VCT or commercial vinyl floors. He opened it and instantly remarked “thank you, this really helps!” While there on our site I directed him to some VCT strip and wax projects, where he could see the pictures right there on the spot, and commented, “yes that’s what we need!”

Then I verbally took him to the place where he could see first hand our recent work at Medford United Methodist Church.

He indicated that he will take a look at that too, and appreciated the chance to see the work at their sister church. To see about their cleaning you can click here Annual Church Cleaning. Although not currently strip and waxing is done there, I did explain it was about carpet cleaning, and some ceramic tile cleaning. We used to do their VCT stripping in some of the sunday school rooms and “Bowker Hall”, their cafeteria. We haven’t done those areas, one because they don’t utilize those rooms currently, and 2 because they updated the cafeteria floor to an LVP, vinyl plank flooring, that doesn’t get stripped at all.

He further appreciated that he could use our places of worship reference list to show them so they can see just how many others use us, and he responded “that’s great, I think it will help them gain trust that you do good work in a similar capacity.”

In our commercial section you can see the variety of services for floors that we do, and a little more.

There is a variety, from dirty tile & grout, to strip & wax, to cleaning carpet, add some cleaning of cork type rubber floor and even play gym mat flooring, we have done a variety of things for the floors themselves. As for some of the other stuff, yes we clean upholstery or leather, and we clean, sand, repair, refinish or replace wood floors. Add to that if you want the new LVP flooring, planks or tiles that resemble either stone or wood planks, we do that too!

But back to this job, which was a pleasure to complete for what a gracious and geniunely good group of people who have a great program for the kiddos!

This is a daycare or early learning development program offered by Haddonfield UMC. A separate entity but within the church confines, it is run within the building just like Medford Methodist UMC preschool program does (and where our twins attended from about 1989-1990 ish’).

Getting ready for us, the staff consolidates everything in the classrooms, and they cleared out much of the furniture and contents.

With the rooms mostly empty we were able to get in the classrooms first, and do a deep dive. Our staff, with a combined almost 200 years experience, were all business. We had Chris doing the stripping, couple guys doing the scrubbing, another using the steam rinse wand (right behind the rotary scrub machines), and one rinsing with a mop and a bucket.

All went reasonably well until about 1/3 of the way thru we had a hiccup with our truck mount. Forced to use our portable and shop vac we kept moving thru the project. Not losing ground, we projected we would get finished in two days (out of 5 days allocated for the project if we needed it).

Phil, and Jenn the Early Childhood Program Director, are really pleased!

As we plowed through the classrooms, Phil and staff worked to reset the rooms that were finished, and we moved to the upper level. With each of the floors’ classrooms now complete, we focused on the hallways, and then lastly the elevator floor, and the bottom entrance floor. Walking through the two floors you can clearly see the difference, the floors look bright, clean, shiny and brilliant!

And down the way Phil has already indicated that he has other work for us in the building. It’s pretty obvious, as the difference in the shine and appearance as you walk from parts of the building, from the preschool, to the main church, well let’s just say it hits you in the face!

Team Sparkle does it again!

And after the teaching staff disinfects all the surfaces and organizes their classrooms they were all set and ready for the kidds to come back!

If your church, school or business has vct floors or carpets cleaned give us a call. All business we have the best equipment and experienced staff to make your floors clean and shiny! Give us a call at 609.953.0472Contact Us on line and we will reach out to you!




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