See How Shiny Haddonfield Church Preschool’s VCT Floors Look

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The prelude

Important reasons and why the church and preschool staff hired us.

Newly hired, Phil, the handyman at Haddonfield United Methodist Church and Preschool, was asked to help the preschool administrator get someone in to strip and wax the floors. He was told it had been several years since all the floors, including inside the classrooms were done. And nothing had been done since Covid.

Seeing our reviews he was impressed and called. Then I directed him to our website. An appointment was set, and we met. I also suggested he refer to Medford Methodist’s Case Study Annual Church Cleaning. Having a clear connection to other nearby church facilities, he remarked “this is great, and exactly what I need! I’ll check your site out.” He further commented that Jenn the Preschool Director was the main decision maker. We had met her. Jenn was very open and receptive too. Furthermore, Phil felt that our church connections would resonate with their board. He was certain they would look favorably toward us.

We gave them our proposal, and they approved it quickly.

The problem

Looked like years of dirt and grime had obscured the floor and beaten up the shine. More over, the classrooms still had remnants of the 6′ separation stickers from Covid. Mostly just looking dull and dreary, the main challenge was to get all the contents moved out and back in, so the classrooms could be done.

Nothing seemed of concern. We felt this would be a dramatic change and improvement for them. When done the floors would look like a million bucks!

The solution

Pretty much everything was expected to go like clockwork. Our team would work like a chain gang. First to strip and scrub. Then steam rinse (a unique service no one else offers), let dry and then apply the wax. As a result we would remove the old wax, scrub it and the dirt off, then steam rinse it. Finally the floor would be ready for waxing. All was considered easy-peasy!

The results

The floors looked fantastic! Now the shine and brilliance was overwhelming compared to what we started with. You could see how excited the staff was too. As stuff was moved back in place some staff was there disinfecting all the furniture and contents as it all was moved back in.

The newly shined floors set the tone. Now as they anticipated the kiddos return the floors set a positive cheery tone. And just like the phrase ‘if the walls could talk’ these floors were very proudly piping ‘welcome back, let the fun and learning begin’!

Phil, Jenn, some staff and even the church administrator commented they hadn’t seen these floors look so good. They said it had been years. Forgetting they had ever been shined before, these floors were uplifting and boosting a positive energy even. Overwhelming this project was a success!

And when compared to other floors on the church side, it was a decided difference. Phil hinted that might be other work to be done.

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