Chipped Granite Repaired


Granite surfaces add elegance to any space, creating a polished first impression. With time and use, especially in high traffic areas, even a stone as durable as granite can show signs of wear and tear. Chips, stains, cracks, or just a dull, worn look can diminish the appearance of granite.


As you see in these images, your chips and scratches can be subtly improved upon, but a forewarning is that you probably will see them even after the repair. For this reason we may elect to do the work, but we want you to understand it will not look like new.  As far as dullness and etch marks, we have a much better program to make the stone shine again with diamond grinding, honing and polishing.

We can repair, maintain, and protect your granite, and resolve many granite problems. For a free estimate on granite countertop or granite floor polishing services, call us at 609.953.0472 or CONTACT US online.