Cedar Run’s Caution Letter Stenciling

New visitors coming in to The Nature Center were often taken in by the grandeur of the room only to trip up to the one step to the gift shop level.

The Nature Center, at the center of much of the public’s activity at Cedar Run is where visitors start their refuge experience. It is where lots of the activities start and stop. Its not uncommon for tours and bus loads to launch from the Nature Center, after meeting up with staff tour guides. Then at their trips end, they reconvene where shopping and souvenirs are available for purchase.

Unfortunately It Was Where Many Were Easily Getting Tripped Up

In the entrance door, visitors enter and begin their nature center and wildlife refuge experience. Right smack dab as they greet the Nature Center Director, the great room is but a step up and away. The problem, it’s common folks are looking up and beyond, but as they walk forward they miss the step up to the main level.

So as the main floor was getting sanded, Cedar Run asked us what could be done to address the problem step. Their solution to date had been to apply a piece of red tape they wrapped on the edge of the step. However, that solution was looking as worn and tattered as the step and floor itself.

We decided to consult with a Medford colleague, Bryan Livingston of Ergonomic Flooring to discuss options. We were confident we’d have a preferable alternative.

Our Solution

We considered two options including “lining” the bull nose with a painted red or yellow line to bring attention to the step or, we could stencil in a cautionary “Watch Your Step.”

We all agreed the stenciled warning was the optimal solution.

A quick trip to Binkley’s™, Medford’s very own beloved “five and ten” store, Bryan armed himself with the goods needed for the safety sign: namely stencil letters and acrylic spray paint.

The Stenciling Process

The caution step lettering project began. Ergonomic and Sparkle worked together starting by taping off the step with brown paper, measuring and setting up the stencils. Pins were applied along with the tape to secure it and prevent bleeding. Next the red acrylic paint was sprayed. After a little tidying up, it was left to dry then followed with the first of two finish coat applications.

The next day after a night of curing the final coat of finish was applied and the caution sign was sealed permanently into the finish.

Cedar Run saw the results and was “blown away” with the transformation.

While lettering on flooring is an unusual need (beyond gym floor lettering) it is helpful in the right application. Commercial hardwood floors do have unique needs. Let us evaluate and give you a free estimate for any restorative care, or on-going wood floor care needs. As always, free estimates. Team Ergonomic Flooring or Sparkle Surface Call us at 609.953.0472 or contact us online.