Sparkle & ERG Gift Cedar Run Wildlife New LVP Kitchen Floor

  • Location Non Profit Wildlife Center in Medford

The side bar

Along with gifting hardwood floor refinishing in the Nature Center, at Betty Woodford’s Cedar Run Wildlife Center, Team Sparkle in a joint venture with ERG flooring, it was determined that the adjacent kitchen floor was dated and detracted from the freshly finished hardwood floors it co-joins in the hallway.

The nature center was formerly the home occupied by Betty Woodford, founder of Cedar Run Wildlife, and her family. Originally,  aspects about the original home date back to the 50’s- 60’s when the family resided there. The kitchen floor was one such area that was left in its original state.

For this reason we wanted the center to look more contemporary, and had the means to do so.

A personal connection

Both Team Sparkle and ERG has roots here in Medford, where Cedar Run Wildlife is based out of. Nestled quietly in the pines, this jewel known as Betty Woodford’s, or Cedar Run (Wildlife) touches the hearts of area residents. And for Bryan Livingston, owner of ERG, he grew up here and has raised his kids as members of the center. Likewise, my family has ties to the center too. My grandfather was an accountant who represented the Wildlife Center, and my Aunt grew up with Betty’s daughter. So we both have a fondness and desire to help.

The solution

As a result, having materials left over from previous jobs, it was decided (as a surprise) to expand the scope of the work at the wildlife center. A new kitchen floor would replace the old one.  Because LVP, a new trendier and more contemporary floor surface is popular, it would bring the wildlife center into modern times. When installed there is no question it would improve the overall appearance.

The results

Working quickly and quietly (only informing Michael, the Director) the new LVP was installed overtop the ugly, dated sheet vinyl. This took the floor from vintage 1950’s-60’s to more modern times for staff and visitors alike to enjoy. All in all was swift and successful.



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