Dirty Grout Can Be Stinky Grout Too

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A friend met us at the door, and asked for our honesty about pet odor.

While we were there to measure her kitchen for new flooring, she wanted to ask if there was a presence of odor upon entering her home. Knowing that owners can become desensitized, she knew enough to ask professionals (that’s us- we are certified in odor remediation).

So inside we go where we met her 16 yr old “pup” with wags and licks. She explained that her pup, up in age was in fact doing her business in her kitchen (on the ceramic tile floor).

Upon entering where the foyer, dining room and her workshop are located we couldn’t smell any pet odor. And to answer her for that she was pleased. However, as we followed her to her kitchen, well that was a different story.

What we saw was white ceramic tile with dark black grout lines, and not long being in the room we could smell the pet urine.

Now the ceramic looked pretty good, but venture to say, if we steamed the floor you would see a cleaner tile surface. And surely you would see a much cleaner grout. In fact, since we were there to discuss tearing out the tile and putting down new vinyl luxury planking, we did not dive too deep into remediating the grout for pet odor.

However, we were up front that she had a steady presence of pet odor emitting from the dirty grout.

Excitedly we turned our attention to the new flooring, and what color scheme she wanted.

Once torn out the pet odor would knock down significantly. But to be on the safe side we prescribed to her that we would remediate the subfloor underlayment by locking in any residual pet odor into the subfloor. That way it couldn’t continue to emit in to the air. Clearly kind of a secondary precaution, once the new flooring is installed no liquid (from any source,) will be able to migrate through the vinyl.

That way, as her mature pup struggles with accidents the homeowner will be able to quickly clean it up and not have to deal with pet urine odor in her kitchen once it is cleaned up- problem solved.

Any time you have grout joints, especially wide ones, besides harboring germs, all kinds of contaminants find a home there. Mopping or even scrubbing does not quite do the trick! To see deep steam cleaning and extraction of germs from dirty grout click here.

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