Client Surprises Me With Flowers

Wendy’s Blog

Recently I spoke with a prospective client and took time to explain what was needed to do to get the bathroom fixed up before she could put her uncle’s house on the market (it is an estate sale). Not from the area, she researched and found us, who are also not quite from the area as well. But being about as North as we like to go, we were happy to do the job for her.

As we gave her pricing, she insisted we charge her more to make it worth our while. For us it was a minimum, $159  plus tax, but she insisted she wanted to pay us $300 for the work.  While I agreed to accept the money, I insisted that we would expand our scope of work so our client had value for what she was paying.

Additionally, I was intrigued about her email address, and always delight in figuring out if there is meaning to the email address. In this case Naomi’s address was pathofapetal@——-. When I asked the meaning she piped up saying that she was in the flower/wedding/event business. We chatted, and she was fitting our appointment in between wedding flower deliveries, with over an hour drive to get to the house.

Fast forward to the day of the work…

Our guys worked their magic, but only after our client, Naomi, gave my husband rave reviews about how informative, genuine and nice I was on the phone. It’s true that I take time to educate my clients, and work dog hard to get them the precise program they want (and need,) in a friendly way, that’s fair for the work we are doing. And in doing so, I speak with a smile on my face. I believe, and she conveyed, that prospective clients are comforted with my demeanor and cheerful attitude, and want to do business with us.

But what I wasn’t prepared for was, our client was thoughtful enough to make me a lovely bouquet of flowers as a thank you. Well, that was a switch.