Cleaning a Cleaned’ Home

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A client's friend hires us to clean their new home after cleaners already cleaned it!

With an eye for detail and an understanding of deep cleaning, Judy was helping her friend with her move. Having used us before herself, and being referred to us by her friend, she knew we had ‘the spit to the shine” in us to help. The right fit, Judy began to explain the details.

Calling weeks before settlement, we scheduled the appointment for the day of settlement. All hands would be ready. So with plenty of time she continued to schedule, organize and plan.

This was a move out of their apartment, back into a larger home move.

The home would be more spacious, and more their style and what they were accustomed to. It was a neighborhood they had previously lived near and were happier in. And although they were excited about it, Judy’s friend was overwhelmed.

These folks are pretty hip seniors, with the husband still working, even doing some surgeries in he and his son’s vet practice. But facing moving tasks was daunting. Getting rid of stuff, buying other stuff, dealing with the real estate transaction itself, and even getting ready for the holidays was too much! So Judy was a big help, along with their daughters, and a host of other folks (like us)!

Immediately after settlement arrived we met Judy and her friends, the new owners.


Our team arrived as expected, and we were greeted by Judy and her friends. Now it was ‘show time!”

Although most items were pre-determined, the ‘move-in’ detailing list grew! (Our Jeff, with multiple years’ experience detailing houses, cars, boats and offices does great detail work.)

Judy saw marks on the walls, grime and fingerprints on the stair railings and spindles. She found grease and fingerprints on the kitchen cabinetry. To sum it up, Judy had a good eye for some finite detailing that was needed. And as they ‘walked’ the house, Jeff saw everything Judy saw. The punch list was clear, and Jeff was up to the task (perhaps even to Judy’s surprise!)

So our team got organized and went about in different directions.

A lot had to be coordinated: who would start what and where made a difference. 

Our technical cleaning team (with our truck mount and all the fancy equipment). would start with bathroom floors, and stall showers. The agenda for this team was to steam the porcelain shower walls and floors, and the glass doors. After finishing that they would switch to carpet cleaning, and then move downstairs.

Sneaking a peak the Mrs. was pleased!

With the scent of fresh cleaners and steam emitting from the tile wands, our client became at ease. Now they were clean! The hall shower was also clean but it didn’t look great. It was painted (and needed to be replaced). At this point our lady client hinted to us, and to Judy, that she’d be able to shower in her Master. She no longer felt it was contaminated. 

While the heavy bathroom work ensued Jeff began detailing the wood work, walls, trim, ceiling fans, light switches and closet shelves, etc.

 Knocking off the surface dust and wiping fingerprints, Jeff detailed the bedrooms. And in doing so gravity did its thing.  The dust that fell would be removed with the carpet cleaning. Jeff next completed the bathroom detailing and got everything wiped down and sanitized. 

Still on the 2nd floor, Chris & Mark started cleaning the carpets

Starting in the bedrooms, including inside the closets they sanitized the carpets. As they cleaned they removed all the dust Jeff knocked down when he detailed the rooms. They moved from the bedrooms to the hallway, then to the balcony, and down the stairs.

During this process they removed the seller’s hair, skin flakes, dander, body oils, dust, dirt crud and airborne particulate. Followed by air duct cleaning, these tasks anniliated all the sellers dust, etc. It was gone!  This converted the house from a contaminated one to a fresh and clean one. 

Exactly what Judy and her friends wanted, the upstairs was now move in ready (mostly)! 

Jeff likewise followed behind them. With the second floor done, he moved to the stairway. He wiped wall marks and detailed the railings, newel posts and spindles.

This cleaning overall was a one-two punch. it was exactly what Judy was looking for. As Jeff was in his cleaning descent, he wiped the wall scuffs, and totally wet wiped all the spindles. What scuffs didn’t come off with his wiping he brought to Judy’s attention. Fresh paint would be needed overall, but to clean up those areas it was necessary for sure. And as he attacked the spindles his rags were turning black! (Again, this was a clean house left after the sellers had the house clean- right?!)

As Judy had eariler inspected she found dirty spindles. When remarking what she found Jeff agreed they were dirty, he hadn’t gotten down that far. (He had her back! He knew exactly what she wanted, and soon it would be completed. All was working out, Judy was seeing that Jeff was getting the little things missed during the prior cleaning. 

The party and the dance moved down to the main floor. Granite counter care was up first, then some serious tile cleaning.


While our clients were in and out, we had our nose to the grind. Chris and Mark ‘got to going’ on the granite countertops. Not knowing the historty of the granite care Chris suggested they get the counters cleaned, sealed and polished. This way the counters would be up to snuff with everything else. By doing so they should be easier to clean. Also, being protected there are less likely to etch if something spills on it that might cause an etch mark. (Etch marks are from caustic sources such as vinegar, red or white wine, lemon juice, bath & body care products, and household cleaners.) To see more about etch marks, what causes them and how they are removed click here: Etch Marks and Efflorescence Removed In Marble Shower.

Counters were done, now attention went to the kitchen tile floor.

In a nutshell, this wasn’t as easy as first thought. It probably was Judy’s biggest bug-a-boo. She saw the discolored grout and dished the housecleaners for leaving it that way.

Well, not so easy. Thinking it would be a snap, Chris sprayed the tile and grout, scrubbed the grout joints and waited a bit before steaming the floor. He wasn’t happy. Deciding to reclean, he scrubbed some of the grout joints again, then steamed the floor. He wasn’t happy. Next he broke out the heavy duty solution. Bingo- three time’s a charm!

ceramic tile & grout steam cleaned in Evesham
After 3 cleanings this tile & grout ceramic floor is now "eat off the floor clean"
dirty grount & ceramic tile evesham
Despite being cleaned already, this ceramic tile & grout kitchen floor is dirty

Handing the rag to Jeff (torch, or rag-lol) they let him finish the rest of the first floor detailing. and then the hardwood floor deep cleaning.

Back at it the next morning, Jeff finished all the detailing tasks. As Judy inspected she say that he got all the remaining items the other cleaners overlooked. And by this point, he was well into using the hardsurface scrubbing machine on the wood.

Wonder If Your Hardwood Floor Is Dirty? Now mind you this, this was a job whose major OCD owners insisted their floor was not dirty. 

When they asked are the wood floors really dirty enough that it needed the deep cleaning Jeff invited them to come to the sink and watch him empty the waste water tank. Now mind you this, this is after the prior cleaners had cleaned the wood floors before settlement. 

Clearly having witnessed the dirty, muddy water be poured down the sink the Mrs said “that is from my hardwood floors?” Jeff’s answer, “Yes ma’am!” She was stunned. kind of skeeved out, but impressed, all in one! “Wow!”

All doubts as to the need to have the wood floors deeply but gently scrubbed went right out the window! This was the final task. Our clients were indeed pleased!

All was done. All was clean! And clean to meet Judy’s expectation on behalf of her friends’, who concurred. They were thrilled that their home was in tip top shape, and ready for them to move in!

Another job well done. Another happy client!

Now with everyone out of his way Jeff had clear sailing. He wet wiped everything on the first floor area, and then began on the kitchen.  He started on the appliances and left the counters alone (as they needed drying time).  Eventually finishing most of the interior of the cabinets. He called it a night.   

Besides the final touches for the detailing, all that was left was deep cleaning for hardwood, or as I call it 'A zamboni treatment for hardwood'!

If you want something done right, you might have to do it yourself (or hire someone and oversee that it gets done properly!) If you need deep cleaning, or a level of clean that requires experts with the right equipment give us a call. Good guidance and Free Estimates.