Upgrading a “Watch Your Step” Caution

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Cedar Run’s hardwood floor refinishing project required upgrading a “Watch Your Step” caution

New visitors coming into the Nature Center are often taken by the grandeur of the room—only to trip on the one step up to the gift shop level. The Nature Center, at the center of much of the public’s activity at Cedar Run, visitors start their refuge experience there. It is where lots of the activities start and stop. Its not uncommon for tours and bus loads to launch from the Nature Center, after meeting up with Staff Tour Guides. Then at their trips end they reconvene, where shopping and souvenirs are available for purchase.

But If Not Careful New Visitors Can Easily Get Tripped Up (literally)

Short, but not so sweet. In the entrance door, visitors enter and begin their nature center and wildlife refuge experience. Right smack dab as they greet the Nature Center Director, the great room is but a step up and away. The problem, it’s common folks are looking up and beyond, but as they walk forward they miss the step up to the main level.

So as the main floor was getting sanded, Brian (of Cedar Run) wondered what could be done to address the problem step. Their solution, looking as worn and tired as the rest of the floor, they applied a piece of red tape and wrapped on the edge of the step. Looking tattered, he knew we would be taking it off, but what idea might we have to replace it with something helpful as the step was being refinished.

A Cautionary Sign “Watch Your Step” Was Applied In To The Hardwood Floor Finish

Bryan, of Ergonomic, with “gym floor” refinishing experience offered to “line in” either a red or yellow line directly on the wood that would be applied permanently under the finish coats. Or, “watch your step” lettering could also be sprayed on under the finish, as a definite upgrade to what they had.

Running it by Michael, the lettering won approval. So lettering it was! While the sanding and coating staff worked to advance the floor sanding, Bryan, Chris and I concentrated on the lettering portion of the project. And, a second request of sanding the spiral stair case treads was also tackled to tidy them up as well.

A quick trip to Binkley’s™, Medford’s very own beloved “Five and Ten” Store, Bryan armed himself with the goods needed for the safety sign: namely stencil letters and acrylic spray paint (Keeping it local shopping at Binkley’s, they certainly had what was needed, what it’s all about for the hometown teams- Ergonomic Flooring and Sparkle Surface Care.)

The Caution Step Lettering Began, Was Sprayed On and Readied To Be Finished In Permanently

Brian and I taped off the step with brown paper, measured and set up the stencils. Pins were applied along with the tape. Next the red acrylic paint was sprayed on. After a little tidying up it was left to dry, and soon ready for finish coat applications.

Quickly sending a text picture to Michael (of Cedar Run), he was continually becoming more impressed, stunned, and in his words “blown away” with our efforts and transformation.

Meanwhile The Spiral Stairs Were Getting Some Much Needed TLC

Our technician Brent, also a died-in-the-wool “Medford’ite” (actually of local area farm family fame) removed and sanded the spiral stair treads. After the finish coats were applied they were handed over to the Cedar Run staff to reinstall. All gussied, the stair treads looked proud once again.

Last Call, the Final Rendezvous Went Down as Team Cedar Run Got Up With the Birds

With the wish list items “ticked off” and complete, Team Cedar Run Hardwood Floor Refinishing was happy to be bringing the project to a close.  So the plan was to meet early Sunday Morning, at 6:30, just as the birds were a chirping’ away.

The party included Bryan, of Ergonomic, Chris and me, and Michael (partially in disguise, due to being up way too early on a Sunday Morning-lol) of Cedar Run.  With nearly all the tasks completed, the final finish coat was about to go down.

Quickly the floor was screened (a procedure to “abrade” or rough up the floor), the edges and the corners were lightly sanded vacuumed and tacked’. The Team, of hilarious “Big Dog Proportions” set about applying the final coat. Wondering, without their hardworking “elite team” staff they giggled if they were up to the task?  So, “coat on” they did. And, laugh on all along the way!

We can’t tell you how rewarding this experience and project has been. For our part we supported the refuge badly in need of some TLC. Deeds were done, above and beyond which are greatly appreciated by Brian (at 6:30 Sunday Morning,) and soon the others too. In fact Michael’s words did the experience justice—he was, and is “blown away” with the job, and with the above and beyond generosity expounded upon by all involved!

How fit to have hardwood floor refinishing done naturally (a great performing, commercially rated finish, courtesy of Vermont Natural Coatings), and ‘dust-lessly’ (Is that a word? but so apropos.) Want more information about refinishing hardwood floors using the natural coating finish system, contact either Ergonomic Floor Refinishing or Sparkle Surface Care?

And also how fit, the finishing done capably by locals who Betty Woodford herself touched. Giving back is what it’s all about, and a way to pay it back, and pay it forward for the love of wildlife and the love of preserving our unique lives right here in Betty’s and our beloved Pine Barrens.

This is a Call to Action, please CONTACT US to let us know how we can help.