Why Special Wands Rock…

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Choosing a carpet company who invests in special wands means increase of effective results, period!

Bottom line—Special carpet cleaning wands kick tail!

Basic carpet cleaning wands are in reality not so basic. From a customer point of view a carpet wand is similar to a vacuum wand in design (but usually more substantially manufactured). The wand head is triangular in shape, and has 1 or more jets where the hot water exits the wand to come in contact with the carpet. Additionally the wand also has an opening where vacuum extraction recovers the solution and any foreign matter the wand comes in contact with (similarly to how a shop vac wand works).

Basic wands are standard ‘Go-To’s’ for the bulk of carpet cleaning, but other times more specific wands may out-clean them. Let’s talk the basics:

A good carpet cleaning wand is the backbone of the carpet cleaning experience, and manufactured with many different configurations and accents to appeal to usually the technician “at the hand of the wand!” Shell out between $500—$2k for a basic wand, this is where a beginner starts, and where franchises equip their vans and carpet cleaners say they are carpet cleaners. Add a basic stair tool for about $300 and a basic level entry carpet cleaner is in business.

Basic wands probably give you basic results, and if that’s all you need then you might be good to go!

Well what do you get with a “basic” wand cleaning (from a beginner or franchise that does not on board specialized wands?) You get a basic, no-frills cleaning. Perhaps adequate at best, the cleaning can fall short in many more complex situations (you be the judge, is this enough for you?)

Therefore, the average start up carpet cleaner, or franchise who just equips with the basics will never be able to deliver the same results or perform at the level from the equipped professionals operating at the top of the game (like us)!

Specialized wands, when added to the carpet cleaners’ bag of tricks, frankly clean like if they are on a whole nother’ planet! (It’s true!)

However, special wands are configured to do specific things. They simply outperform and increase the cleaning power, and the results of the cleaning, depending on the soiling project at hand. Some are smaller, as in stair tools or edge tools. Some flood an area (to flush and extract from deep within, and come in different sizes), some have multiple jets, and some combine regular cleaning with 1 or more jets with rotary jet “planetary action. (And hence, truly another “planet” experience in the level of cleaning, and why I refer to it as such!)

Whichever, most all require a hefty investment, and are added “on-board” when a specific company decides to invest heavily in acquiring them.

Here are examples of specialized carpet wands that are engineered to do specific things that increase the cleaning power and effectiveness of the cleaning. In general they have been devised because the basic wand is not ideally enough to do the best job possible. Here are examples:

RX-20 carpet wand for dirty, severe soiling
Here the RX-20 is cleaning and removing heavy soil and cigarette smoke

The RX-20- aka “Rotary Jet Extractor”™

Considered “The Mother of All Carpet Wands,” this wand combines a multi-jet wand with a rotational agitating power head that steams and heavily scrubs carpet fibers. Ideal for heavily soiled cut pile carpet or commercial carpet this increases effectiveness and speed when you need all the help engineering has to offer. With about (nearly) $5k investment, this is an add-on considered somewhat of a luxury


Zipper wand cleaning dirty carpet
Here is a “Zipper wand” at work on soiled carpet

The Zipper Wand™

A dual port wand that stays tightly on top of the carpet, this wand with wheels combines continuous extraction with a forward and backward motion so there is increased vacuum extraction that delivers deep cleaning with less excess moisture left behind on the carpet. Additionally this wand is heavily weighted (so it flows continually across the fiber surface) and is not maneuvered with a lifting action on the part of the technician. Ergonomically it relieves the technician while simultaneously increasing cleaning power and extraction. With over a $2k investment, this wand also is considered a luxury upgrade, and usually found on board a well invested and equipped carpet cleaning truck mount “outfit”. This wand, depending on the size runs about $2.5K to add to the bag of tricks

Roto Vac™

This mini machine works similarly to the RX-20 but is a much smaller profile machine and works in a forward direction, not like a traditional RX-20 “buffer” lateral rotation. Lightweight and easy to on load —off load, it is ideal for smaller areas and has increased cleaning power above a traditional wand. (We purchased this when we had my aunt, a certified technician, working as a stand alone carpet cleaner on a truck some years ago). Today this runs about $2.7K to add to the wand collection

Cimex™- Sometimes we use a weighted wand that spins like the RX-20 but is not plumbed with a water source nor does it have an extraction connection. This machine is more suited for commercial work that does an encapsulant treatment. A different technology that does not wet the carpet, this has its place for cleaning commercial carpet. For this expect to shell out about $5k

A Traditional Rotary Buffer- old school, and what a franchised “dry” cleaner relies upon to clean using what the industry has categorized as the “bonnet method.” This method, not recommended by most carpet manufacturers, and written right in marketing material by many as such for not being recommended for carpet cleaning, has a popular following (why, we don’t know.) None the less the buffer has a place on board a carpet cleaning truck and generally costs about $1k for a decent one.  Also, because janitorial staff use buffers in traditional commercial floor care they roll their machines across their clients commercial carpets with some “juice” which we call carpet cleaning solution, to clean commercial carpets. Perhaps better known to spread the dirt around, or blot the dirt up off the carpet on to a carpet “bonnet,” it just is a mediocre attempt to clean carpet. But, better suited as an assist to drying, we use it to surface absorb moisture in some situations while cleaning carpet

A Swivel Stair Tool- Stair tools are a short version of a traditional wand. However, we prefer a swivel stair tool, whose main head component does exactly that, it swivels. This allows quick rotational action when cleaning so the technician can easily clean the flat section of the stair (tread), and turn the wand to effectively clean the vertical section of the stair (called the riser). At a going rate of about $500, this upgrade is not commonplace, and why we don’t know. (Except that some very well known franchise carpet cleaners,  don’t even spec nor train their technicians to clean the risers ((almost 1/2 the area of the steps, (((insane!!!)))

A “Water Claw”™- this highly specialized tool is useful for penetrating deep under the carpet, pulling and extracting contamination from deep within to effectively clean a carpet when there is excessive water or deeply absorbed contamination in the carpet, and you do not want to disengage the carpet and pad layers to absorb and rinse out the contamination. Ideally suited for water damage, these wand heads come in different sizes depending on their application. While some carpet cleaners may use these for “spot” treating isolated areas, others may use a larger version for water damage and heavier contamination removal. Cost for these depends, they start at $265- $500+

Bull Nose Tool- this tool has a “rounded—semi circular” wand head that allows the water and extraction to better penetrate a stair “bull nose” edge, or say a piped edge, or upholstery cushion edge. Allowing deeper penetration on these rounded surfaces, it simply is the better choice for the above mentioned areas (and what we use on every set of stairs, and every piece of upholstery we clean). A rarely stocked “wand” for most, this is a must have on every truck for us. Cost, about $300, and a wand head we can’t do without!

Carpet Edge Wand- Handy for direct penetration on the sometimes nasty carpet edges, this tool focuses on the soiled carpet edges, and soiling known as “filtration” (a heavy graphite ladened contamination often found about 2″ on the carpet edge near the walls.) About $220 this is a specific wand for a specific problem which we keep in our bag of tricks- unfortunately once pronounced it is often permanent. A solvent that is really good at removing it also disintegrates the glue layer of the carpet so it delaminates it.

Crevice Tool- Again a highly specialized tool, this wand tends to hard to reach edges that other wands are too cumbersome to reach. Not a big investment, this is another enhancement for the carpet cleaner who has “everything” and costs about $175-$200

Upholstery tool cleaning a sofa

Upholstery Wand- a misting gentle fabric extraction tool, this wand is engineered to clean fine fabric surfaces without excessive water use nor excessive vacuum extraction. All fabric requires delicate careEither of which will potentially damage carpet

So as you can see, carpet wands are highly specialized and are a significant investment for the better equipped carpet cleaners! (Like us!!)

(And, that doesn’t even factor in the investment of other ancillary tools, solutions and technical education that we invest in!)

Unless you don’t get “Captain Obvious,” why would we invest in any of these?—BECAUSE THEY WORK, and increase the results of our cleaning for you!

“On Board” our Truck (or in our arsenal) for Carpet Cleaning is EVERY ONE OF THEM! Actually let me emphasize -EVERY “BLASTED” ONE OF THEM!

And for what investment I say? Let’s total it—

  • Basic wands on board- (3) $1k per wand ea- $3k
  • RX-20 $5k
  • Zipper $2.5K
  • Roto-Vac $2.7K
  • Cimex $5k
  • Rotary Buffer $500-$1k
  • Swivel Stair Tool (2) $500 ea-$1K
  • Water Claw $265 (the smallest)
  • Bull Nose Tool $200
  • Carpet Edge Wand $200
  • Crevice Tool $200
  • Upholstery Wand (2) $5oo ea $1k

And now, let’s do the math! THAT”S AN INVESTMENT IN ALMOST A WHOPPING $21.6K just in carpet and upholstery cleaning wands alone! (Until now I used to say just $15k, so boy was I off!) Also- we totaled and valued this at current market value. All those specialty wands loaded and regularly carried on our trucks when we come to your house!

Add to that about $35-40K in a cleaning truck mount, installed into a $50K truck, well that’s impressive (in today’s value about $100K set up!) And for us, this is how we roll, and what we bring to clean for you! (Oh, and should we side-bar comment about the investment in our certifications and best solutions that money can buy, let alone years of experience…) get the picture?  Oh, and side-bar no 2- that doesn’t even factor in the portable carpet cleaning machines, the air dryers and such, nor does it account for the other specialized wands and tools for the other services we offer (to the tunes of maybe even topping $100k all told!) *(side bar No 3- see below for further comment!)

So let’s focus on a few things here:

“Why Is Your Carpet Cleaning More Expensive Than Others?” (say amongst them ones in colored vans)?

Shall I re-quote a prior phrase and reiterate it might be Captain Obvious! Investment in every blasted one of these wands together with a major investment in the machine in our truck increases the cleaning power, and hence the results of the cleaning that we do for you!

Want a “ho-hum” cleaning? Then call the others. Most any time you call a “newby” wet behind the ears cleaner that’s what you can expect to get, as well as with most franchises who spec just the basics.(usually at all, or new to the business).

Couple analogies work well to further drive the concept home—

“If you expect to pay peanuts for the job, we respectfully suggest you call and hire the circus” to do your cleaning! 

“Good-Fast-Cheap” Pick Two, You Can’t Have All Three!

Frankly, it can be surmised that both these analogies are pretty self explanatory, so I won’t expand upon them. They both clearly explain a lot of things, and certainly carpet cleaning, and all the services we offer. So that is that!

But it is good to have a couple questions answered, so let’s get them air’d out here…

Question No 1- “Why should I call you when I have my own carpet cleaner?” (we just love this one, for sure!)

To be blunt, why in the heck would I invest all that money I just spelled out above if I could clean with a $75-$500, maybe even $1K carpet cleaning machine, sit in class and get certified and invest boo-koo bucks in lots of different cleaners to do my work?

(Perhaps do I sound a little like I am on a “soap box”, as almost literally?…no pun intended, but yes intended-lol.)

Some folks giggle and snipe or think to themselves that they have their owner carpet cleaner and do it themselves. Well two things we say- “good for you” (on a positive note), AND “have at it”…

“Good for you”, and good for everyone to have a carpet cleaner machine at home to clean carpet. This is ideal for the carpet mishap, to have it to clean right then and there when a spill happens! It’s also good for repeat offenses like ‘light duty” soiling and lightly penetrating pet accidents and such. It is good for the “in-between” cleaning, between professional carpet cleaning appointments. But, does it take the place of professional carpet cleaning? NOT AT ALL!

“HAVE At it”, again if you think that your little carpet cleaning machine will replace what we do, then have at it! If you think that the basic carpet cleaning solution you can get at the hardware store, grocery store or box store will suffice in doing your cleaning, again well have at it! And if you think that getting the machine out with little knowledge in what you are doing, what surface you are cleaning and what the chemistry of the soiling you are cleaning or what the chemistry you need to clean with will do the trick then let me repeat, HAVE AT IT!

And, a Not so “bottom line”…

Question No. 2- Want the deepest clean and professional results, the best money can buy?

Then I (we) respectfully say call us! We do bring the best to bare when we clean for you! And yes, if it will clean out than most likely we will get it out.  (psst- it also must be said that some things are beyond cleaning, and even with all this sometimes the results are beyond what we can reverse! But hey- with our cleaning you know if it’s gonna’ come out we’ll get it out, and if it doesn’t, it is time to replace it!)

We find, like many others, that it costs a little bit more to get the very best results and cleaning experience. And certainly, when you invest greatly in your carpets, floors and fine furnishings and decor’, you want the very best in taking care of them. I know we want that when we have things we spend good money on and want them to look or perform their very best!

So with our cleaning you can be confident that we do bring the very best the industry has to offer. We clean according to industry standards, and in fact go above and beyond! That is why we have a family of thousands of clientele who will only use us, and call us year after year, and refer us to others they know who need the same work!

For the best possible, deepest cleaning, refinishing or polishing, and a preferred customer service experience, the best that money can buy we are the right fit for you!  Call us. 609.953.0472 or Contact us Online:   Contact Us

*side bar no 3- it’s not just the equipment we invest in, it’s also the solutions used, the ancillary stuff, the education and certifications, and the experience.. if all this added up means something for what you are paying, then most assuredly call us!