Can’t Find Someone To Strip & Wax Your Floors?

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Stripping & Waxing VCT Floors- A Lost Art!

Three times in one week we have gotten a call for VCT floor stripping for commercial floors. After a brief conversation and inquiry I have been repeatedly informed that we are but about the only ones who even offer this service anymore!

Conversation No 1- "Hey I'm a floor guy in Point Pleasant. My longtime client needs their VCT floors stripped and waxed. I don't do it, can you help them?

“Jack, nice to meet you, sure we can help. Let me get some information about the project!”

After speaking with him I was happy to discuss the project and get him a free estimate. Not sure of the situation with him, and how he was involved, we agreed to meet him to take a look.

Upon arriving we discovered he was helping to vet out a company to help them. And he happened upon us. Revealing he preferred a smaller, family business (such as ours) we seemed like we fit the bill. Until now he informed us they  only found large companies who would even consider doing the work. So calling and arranging a walk thru, he was hopeful we would be able to do the work for them.

Arriving we met him and toured the facility. We found out he was not only an installer, he too was a carpet cleaner who got his start working for his dad way back when. But, different than us, he didn’t strip and wax floors. He said he wanted no parts of the job becasue he didn’t have the equipment. It was obvious he just wanted to get someone appropriate to do it. 

We walked the project with Jack and felt it was indeed something we could do for them. Gaining confidence we had the skillset we got loud and clear he wanted no parts of any involvement in ti. With that he handed the contact info over to us and said “wish you luck, hope you get the job.”

So we parted ways with the measurements of the project, and frankly started to realize what was going on here:

This carpet cleaner/floor guy was tee’ing up the job to help his client. He was but about retired (come August), and moving to Florida. Riding things out until then he was all too happy to bring us in. With that said, we got our numbers together and spoke to the client directly.

Where it stands now, after speaking with the manager in charge, I referred her to our website. I suggested she take a look at our (click here) Case Studies- Pictures of Commercial Floor Stripping & Waxing. I also summarized a list by business type, building type and such that will give her insight about us. And, I also highlighted some of our accomplishments and recognition with regards to VCT floor care. She was impressed and revealed she would be referring to the information and website locations I told her about. 

And as of this second, I emailed her the quote. Upon receiving it she said she will present it to the board. Then probably they would be ready to schedule some time in March. 


Conversation No 2- " Hi, wow, you actually answered the phone, and you strip and wax floors. The other 2 people I spoke with told me they don't do that! Hope you can help me!"

Once she identified herself and who she was with I revealed to her that we have done work for them some time ago. I also referred to several connections within their heiarchy, and she became comfortable with us. As we talked she was gaining insight that we were going to be a good fit for their need.

It turns out this is church organization. They have many different departments and entities. In addition to doing work for their actual office, we have relationships with individual churches of theirs. Some of the Deacons of the churches are familiar with us. They would be able speak to our reputation and their experiences with us. And also, we have provided strip and waxing for other facets within their organization as well. In fact, we recently stripped and refinished 2 of their food pantrys and used clothing donation centers. 

Not only that, I shared that we have a plethora of other faith based organizations we have done work. Between the other church facilities, sunday school and day care groups basing our of church failities, non profits, gov’t affiliated concerns she got the picture wholeheartedly.

So currently we are setting up a walk through of their facility in need. We have also referred them to our website and case studies. We indicated we would get them our Reference List with the highlights of Accomplishments that are relevant to their situation. And we gave them insight as to our experience and what they can expect when working with us.

Our contact person’s response- “Well I am impressed already! You clearly speak from experience, and your credentials and tone in our conversation give me every reason of wanting you to give us an estimate.”

Conversation No 3- "You do work at the Navy Yard? For who? Well you need to get registered, there is lots of opportunity to do work for us, let me help you!"

This was a circuitous discovery that we would be a good fit. Instead of directly looking for commercial floor work this particular client needed work at her house. As our conversation ensued I was informed she worked from home, and we hit it off. Beyond her individual needs I learned about what she did for a living.

Turns out she facilitates small businesses like ours, in helping qualify and be awarded government work at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. I shared that we already do work there. She wanted to know who and where. I explained. She clearly became very interested and said she needs the very work we do. And part of her job is to connect companies like ours with the contracts being handed out.

Three’s a charm! After a long discussion about medical ailments and solutions for her personally, and as it relates to ‘sick building issues’, we both agreed I should check out the opportunities she is talking about.

So to sum this conversation up, we completed the work at her house. We complied with the special considerations and procedures she needed for her health concerns. And we demonstrated that we cared enough to tailor our work so it didn’t trigger issues for her. Furthermore, while speaking with my husband in person she tipped him off in how to proceed. There is a whole book of business available, and she’d be glad to help us get qualified to do so!

If you are looking for commercial floor care services you are in the right place. With consistent results beyond what others can achieve you floors will look great! With over 200+ years combined experience results will happen. Discover the difference, enjoy the outcome! Free estimates Call Us,  or Contact Us on line and we will reach out to you.