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Learn more about your surfaces and how to care for them.


We make it a point to keep our site rich with information and resources. These tips and articles are posted regularly on our site and on our social media pages.

How To Prevent Etching When Disinfecting Stone

This article offers sound advice on how to disinfect your natural stone without acciden...

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Carpet and Interior Textiles Care Tips

When it comes to carpeting, upholstery, and other interior textiles, these simple and i...

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How To Remove Pink Shower Film

Have you ever noticed a slimy pink film form in your shower? This article explains what...

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Coronavirus Cleaning Information from CDC and EPA

This article has coronavirus cleaning instructions for carpet, upholstery, and porous s...

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The Coronavirus and Your Stone Countertops

Can the coronavirus survive on my stone countertop? What do I use on my stone to proper...

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Carpets, Upholstery, and the New Strain of Coronavirus

Should you be concerned about coronavirus on carpets and upholstery? Get answers on the...

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How To Tell When Your Upholstery Needs Cleaning

Most Upholstery Is Never, Ever Cleaned- Fabrics You Sit On, Lay On and Live on Daily...

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Pressure Washing Caution

Before pressure washing stone or masonry surfaces, read this article to learn about pot...

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Screen and Top Coat – A Process To Restore Hardwood

When Screen and Top Coat Might Be An Option Perhaps the floors are showing some minor b...

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Limiting and Eliminating Carpet Grease

Cooking grease is easily tracked onto carpets by people and pets—and can't be vacuumed ...

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Uneven Shine on Polyurethane Coated Hardwood Floors

You want to make your polyurethane coated hardwood floors beautiful and shiny, so you c...

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Shower Pan Moisture Buildup

Is the stone around your shower drain darker than the surrounding stone? The cause may ...

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