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When Romancing a Stone Doesn’t Work

An explanation of when and when you cannot alter properties in granite and natural stone...... Read More

Quartzite vs Quartz

Quartzite and Quartz: These two words sound almost the same, but they are definitely not the same thing.... Read More

Big Guy Goes Big In Moorestown Home

Deep steam in Moorestown, cleaning for allergens-when you need a "court offensive to go big," get the job done and have a laugh along the way... Read More

Signs You Need to Get Your Carpet cleaned

Taking care of spills and stains by spot cleaning is a great way to help prevent permanent stains and fiber damage. However, professional carpet cleaning gets the deep-down dirt an... Read More

A Brief History of Stone Polishing

Stone polishing has been done since the beginning of civilization.Egyptian workers used sand and other rough materials to polish the surfaces of statues and monuments made of stone... Read More

When The Glue Sticks

A Botched Engineered Hardwood Floor Installation -The Glue Is Everywhere! When the warning signs about an improper installation and concerns are real– trust your gut as this ... Read More

Client’s Attempt At Spot (?) Removal

When it’s maybe not so good to learn the difference between a “spot” and a “stain.” Just yesterday we were on a job location for a new client. Clearly... Read More

Professional Carpet Cleaning vs DIY Carpet Cleaning

Spot cleaning an area that is soiled or stained is a great way to help your carpet look good but cleaning a whole carpet yourself can be a daunting task.... Read More

Staining vs Etching on Natural Stone

One of the best reasons to use natural stone for your projects is that it is a renewable and restorable material. ... Read More

Cleaning to Remove Pet Allergens

Affected By Pet Allergies? Between 500,000 and l million hospital visits are result of patient allergic reactions to fungi, mites and bacteria each year. ... Read More

Carpet Tiles: Yes or No?

What are carpet tiles? Carpet tiles are exactly what they sound like. Pieces of carpet, cut into tile shapes.... Read More

How to Clean and Maintain a Stone Pool Deck

Do you have a stone pool deck and are wondering how to maintain it? Do you need to seal it? How do you deal with stains? This article will give you guidance from a pro on what you ... Read More


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