If you are looking for an independently owned, So Jersey family owned floor and surface care company, you’ve come to the right place! Our services include carpet cleaning, natural stone restoration, tile & grout cleaning and sealing, and hardwood floor refinishing. Call it floor care on steroids!

We’ve Been Around Since 1983

In 1983 we started in commercial building maintenance. Later, in 1996, we shifted our focus to residential carpet cleaning, adding more specialized services to include natural stone, tile & grout, and hardwood as our customers’ needs demanded. For years now we have impressed and delighted our customers with outstanding floor and surface care.

See For Yourself— Get A Taste of What You Can Expect

Click on our Case Studies,  a tab where you can see images and the stories behind our projects and what kinds of results you can expect.)

In the early days we made it one of our biggest priorities to equip ourselves with the best carpet cleaning equipment and training available. Likewise we have invested in the finest hardwood floor sanding and natural stone technology that money can buy, along with intense training and certifications to boot. Earning the respect of our colleagues and suppliers in those industries we know our workmanship gets attention and praise. And we find that our clients love it that they can use us for so many different services with one call, and a familiar trusted team ready to serve.

But equally important, we are committed to deliver a preferred customer service experience from start to finish. From the first call, to the appointment, then the actual service experience, a few surprises, and the follow up, we are flat out all about delighting our customers as we conduct our work.

Need More Convincing?

We have been referred by over 400 realtors over the years. Interior designers, architects, flooring companies and other contractors prefer referring us for any of their clients needs. Because of our workmanship and customer service we have earned the trust of some discerning clients.

For instance, in Moorestown, the Set Designer of the Golden Globe Awards, who has an eye for detail that won’t quit, sings our praises! Badly Sun Damaged Hardwood Floors Incite Major Repairs.

The Viking Yacht family chooses us to maintain 13 of their So Jersey and Philadelphia family homes (for over 20 years now, and for which you better be on your toes for each and every visit.) (Read Kathy Healey’s endorsement of Sparkle Surface Care.) And J Robert Hillier, of Studio Hillier, a world renowned architectural firm with over hundreds of full time architects on staff out of Princeton, he personally uses us for his estate in New Hope, his buildings in Princeton, and refers us to others he knows. To be trusted to care for folks with such discerning expectations is an honor!

Our Service Area

Based out of Medford, we are frequently in and well known in the surrounding area in such towns as Moorestown, Cherry Hill, Voorhees and Haddonfield. But we do travel beyond where the average carpet cleaner covers (typically contractors doing some of the work we do will travel farther to service their clients.) Covering all of South Jersey (Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties) we frequently work in the greater Princeton area, and points east and south along the Jersey Coast from Rumson, Spring Lake, LBI, all the way south to Cape May. Over the bridge, we travel to New Hope and Yardley in Bucks Co, parts of Philadelphia, and south into Delaware County. You can even see us at times in northern Delaware and Maryland.

You might say we’ve been around the block a few times, and seen a thing or two, and certainly fixed a thing or two!

Actually, we like to say we are in the customer service business.

We just happens to clean, refinish, re-polish all types of floors and surfaces… carpets, hardwood, tile and grout, stone, vinyl and the new composite floors, VCT, upholstery and leather to demonstrate how we do it!  

Get to Know Us And You’ll Experience First Hand Our Commitment To Customer Service— and How We Aim To Please and Work To Build an On-Going Relationship Serving You One Project at a Time

Not a typical service company, we are proud of the fact that we build long served with our clients, not just one shot jobs or also known as one-and-done’s. We get to know our clients. We become familiar with their homes, their family, their pets and their needs. We build a relationship that is based on trust, long forgotten in this every increasing distant world. We watch kids grow up, share in major life events, weddings, birth of their babies and other celebrations and milestones. How—by getting their homes and décor ready. Basically we help take care things in their homes that are meaningful to them.

We think that makes a difference. And so do our clients. It is not uncommon for us to have client relationships that have lasted almost 25 years now. Honestly we’ve become friends with many of them (how many service companies can you say that about?)

Years ago one elderly senior citizen client, who professed she has become a client for life, called our office and gave our technician $125 to buy clothes for his newly adopted infant son (when she first met us, feeling vulnerable as a single, older woman seeking our services she quickly learned she could trust us and not be taken advantage of—something she had experienced when seeking services from contractors.)

Choosing Our Team Carefully, We Are Pretty Picky And Make Certain Our Staff Shares the Same Vision for Delivering a Preferred Customer Service Experience (along with the best results possible)

More key to our success as founders, Wendy, my wife, and myself, Chris, set about to choose staff who will share our passion in helping others. Lead techs are vetted, trained and certified by the IICRC, some also with the NWFA. At every cleaning you can expect a certified technician to oversee your project. We have cultivated a commitment to deliver an excellent customer service experience that creates not only a pleased customer, but a “champion referring” customer who uses & refers us for years to come.

While Every Job and Every Service We Do is Done With Excellence, It Is Worth Sharing How Insanely Passionate Our Lead Hardwood Floor Tech Is About His Work

It’s true. He loves, loves, loves, loves refinishing hardwood floors. Not in it for the money, the true reward for him is when he shows our customer the results of his work. It is from the heart, he is rewarded when his customers say WOW! And knowing the tips he receives, I can assure you our clients take notice!

He treats every job as if its his own. Not only that he will flat out tell you he wants everything to be perfect, perfect and he means perfect!  Nearly every job our clients take us aside to tell us they see what we mean. Not proof in the pudding, the proof is on the floor!

Perhaps by now you get a peek at why folks love us for all the work we do,  but if you need other validation,

We have been awarded Angie’s List Annual Super Service Award over 9 times

and are referred by many all over So Jersey!

Honestly If That’s Not Enough, We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

We guarantee the “Most Thorough Cleaning” for carpets, tile, upholstery and leather. We service all floors, including hardwood, commercial vinyl tile(VCT), tile & grout, ceramic, marble, granite, all types of stone and more. We do special needs cleaning like pet odor removal, severe odor, cigarette and cigar odor, allergy and asthma cleaning, microbial cleaning (unfortunately co-vid 19 disinfection) and other restoration work, i.e. smoke and water damage. But we are best known for the finest care for your stone, hardwood, carpet & interior textiles.

So I invite you to see for yourself. Give us a call. You will be met with friendly advice, a free estimate, and potentially a service experience with results I am certain you will appreciate and enjoy!


What drives us? Our commitment to quality and excellence that exceeds expectations. There are many reasons we are the preferred floor and surface experts throughout the South Jersey area. Here are just a few of them.


We are persnickety when it comes to clean and sparkling. So much so that we promise, you’ll get the most thorough cleaning ever seen or it’s free. If you are not pleased for any reason we will gladly return and re-clean for you, and if you are still not pleased with the service, we will cheerfully refund your money. What could be more fair?


When you contract with SPARKLE Surface Care, we send only reliable, highly-trained technicians to your home or property. Armed with the skills required to get the job done right the first time, our team consistently delivers the desired results. We know what it takes to gain a customer for life and we strive for that on every job.


Our commitment to excellence, evident in every job we do, sets us above our competition. Whether we are doing a large commercial cleaning and restoration or providing routine polishing and sealing services for the granite countertops in your small kitchen, our methods are time-tested and true.


What customers tell us…

You guys are great, you come on time, nice people, do a great job, my floors look terrific, you bring roses, I tell everyone about you and will use you for all my work!

Video Testmonials




See for yourself why our customers are consistently pleased with the quality of our work.

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