A Tale of Hardwood Color Magic

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A Tale Of Hardwood Color Magic

How “color-confusion” messes with your mind…. and my job

Our client was embarrassed by her neglected wood floors and now that she was retiring she was ready to get them fixed. She came to us with a vision of beach tones… driftwood greys and blues, with beach-sand highlights…

Turning Floor Frustration into Beachy Bliss: A Tale of Hardwood Magic

Let’s talk about how we turned a “whoops” moment into a “wow” moment with some serious hardwood floor wizardry. Buckle up for the story of Kim’s floors and how we went from “uh-oh” to “oh yeah!”

Meet Kim, the star of our floor-fixin’ adventure. She wanted to give her home a major facelift after retiring. Her goal? Out with the old, yellowed floors, and in with fresh, beachy vibes. Think cool grays, breezy blues, and a dash of creamy goodness. Sounds dreamy, right?

Hitting a Speed Bump

Now, picture this: everything was going as smooth as butter, like a dance choreographed by a floor ninja. But, outta nowhere, we hit a floor-flavored speed bump. The stain color that was supposed to be all suave gray ended up looking more like a gray-ish paint splat. Talk about a party crasher!

Our superhero sense kicked in, and we dove headfirst into fix mode. It turns out, those moody dark blue walls were messin’ with the stain vibe. We needed a plan, and fast.

Not gonna let this kick our tail just yet!

Cue the “shadow box” maneuver suggested by the Wood Wizard! We crafted a makeshift lightbox that made the stain’s true colors shine through, minus the wall drama. Bingo! Problem identified and tackled.

With that stain showdown behind us, we got back on track to bring Kim’s beach fantasy to life. We popped that grain, caressed the wood with love (well, more like a lot of sanding, but hey Marvin loves to sand his wood by hand), and laid down that perfectly gray stain Kim had her heart set on.

Fast forward to the big reveal, and boy, oh boy, did Kim light up like a kid in a candy store.

“Wendy I am not gonna lie, I did come home with some trepidation about what I was gonna see. In fact, all by myself I found my way in with my eyes closed and hands across them until I got into the kitchen to turn the lights on. When I did my heart started pounding and I was blown away at how beautiful all the floors are! I couldn’t believe it! They look gorgeous and exactly what I dreamed them to be. You guys were right and got them spot on for my beachy vibe! In fact, everyone I show says the same thing. You guys are awesome! Thank you so much, I love my floors!”

The grays, the blues, the creams—every detail was spot on. And let’s not forget Marvin, our floor whisperer, who did his thing like a true magician. Kim’s heartwarming “wow” reaction was music to our ears.

So, there you have it. Our bumpy floor journey turned into a sandy paradise.

We conquered the stain snafu, nailed that beachy vision, and turned Kim’s home into a coastal haven. Remember, when life throws you floor curveballs, we’re here to knock ’em out of the park and make your floors dreams come true. Until next time, keep those floors groovin’!

PS- now for Kim’s homework to drive the vibe home we suggested, and Kim agreed to flip the color scheme. With the floors in darker gray tones she needed to lighten the wall color that will eliminate those color games all together. Easy enough, now the walls have the sandy vibe that make the floors “pop.” Kinda makes her want a boat drink in hand everyday at her house because she is on island time!

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