Most clients really appreciate that we are a family owned, independent business, serving locally since 1983.  As founders, Wendy, my wife, and myself, Chris, set about to choose staff who will share our passion in helping others.  They are carefully selected, screened, checked, insured, trained and certified by the IICRC, some also with the NWFA. At every cleaning you can expect a certified technician to oversee your project.  We have cultivated a commitment to deliver an excellent customer service experience that creates not only a pleased customer, but a champion referring customer who uses & refers us for years to come.

We guarantee the “Most Thorough Cleaning” for carpets, upholstery, leather, floors and counters, including hardwood, cement, marble, granite, all types of stone and tile. We do special needs cleaning like pet odor removal, allergy and asthma cleaning, microbial cleaning and other restoration work. But we are best known for the finest care for your stone, hardwood, carpet & interior textiles.

While we do not perform installations ourselves, we have developed relationships with many reputable installers
in the area and can confidently recommend someone who will meet your specific needs with high-quality results. We work closely with the finest artisan shops, sellers and installers on the East coast for carpets and all types of flooring, including the most luxurious marble. As a service to our cleaning clients, we have hand-picked a number of them and when you call, we listen to your needs and interests and recommend the one person or company whom we feel is the best company for you. We will even set up an appointment for you to meet them.


What drives us? Our commitment to quality and excellence that exceeds expectations. There are many reasons we are the preferred floor and surface experts throughout the South Jersey area. Here are just a few of them.


We are persnickety when it comes to clean and sparkling. So much so that we promise, you’ll get the most thorough cleaning ever seen or it’s free. If you are not pleased for any reason we will gladly return and re-clean for you, and if you are still not pleased with the service, we will cheerfully refund your money. What could be more fair?


When you contract with SPARKLE Surface Care, we send only reliable, highly-trained technicians to your home or property. Armed with the skills required to get the job done right the first time, our team consistently delivers the desired results. We know what it takes to gain a customer for life and we strive for that on every job.


Our commitment to excellence, evident in every job we do, sets us above our competition. Whether we are doing a large commercial cleaning and restoration or providing routine polishing and sealing services for the granite countertops in your small kitchen, our methods are time-tested and true.


Improper cleaning is a significant reason restoration is needed. We make it a point to educate our customers on proper care of their floors, countertops, and other surfaces, and recommend appropriate cleaning products.

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See for yourself why our customers are consistently pleased with the quality of our work.

Burlington's Group Home Has Deep Scratches From A Gliding Rocker

Burlington Group Home’s Hardwood Floors Repaired, Gouges Gone & Shine Restored

Sand, heavy foot traffic on hardwood can wear and dull hardwood floors, as can chairs, furniture, rolling wheels (especially hard plastic ones) or heavy items being drug across the floor. Mechanical items such as gliders, hide away beds, and surprisingly dog’s nails and hi heel shoes can dimple, gouge, scratch, depress or slice into hardwood damaging the boards. Beware, these isolated areas may make a small problem area into a much larger, involved and costly repair. ...
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Medford Oak Stained Dark

Revived Medford Home’s Hard Wood To A Trendy New Look

Home sellers needed to update their hardwood to entice buyers with a fresh look. We took these average floors and made them “pop” and look brilliant again....
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Medford Historic Home Old and New Pine Repaired, Some Random Boards Replaced & Refinished to Match

Aging and Refinishing For 100 Year Old Floors With Random Width Board Replacement

Historic Medford Home has Vintage Pine Boards that splintered which can be repaired, replaced and refinished...
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