Suntan Lotion for Sun Faded Hardwood Floors?

sun faded red oak floor

Announcing SPF for Sun Faded Hardwood Floors!

Are your hardwood floors suffering from sun fade because you have strong sun exposure? This happens when there is direct sun light where the windows are not coated with a light dimming film or window treatments. Areas like a sky light over formal entry or walls of windows that yield dramatic light exposure. 

It’s definitely a conundrum, the beauty of the sunlight and view of the outside that’s wreaking havoc on the interior textile and contents such as hardwood floors, carpet, fabrics, and even stone (which I have personally seen). Sunlight left on untreated decor oxidizes it and can make them look unsightly and also destroy them. 

Here are three examples of extreme sun fade on hardwood floors

sun faded red oak floor
sun faded lodge room heart pine hardwood floor
blistered sun faded red oak hardwood floor damage

Typically clients call and ask us to remediate the sun fade

When clients call they usually have a variety of blemishes or damage to their hardwood floors, and sun fade is one of them. 

Severe sun fade is can be horribly distinct. Whether radically apparent or even blistered and washed out, it can be the cause for them to call us.

But along with repairing it we have to have the conversation that they must address the sun exposure to eliminate the exposure continuing to damage the hardwood and other textiles and decor moving forward.

Introducing sun fade protection for wood, furniture and more!

Our preferred finish manufacturer, Vermont Natural Coatings has the only sun fade deterrent, anti-yellowing formula for hardwood floors, furniture, ceilings, walls and cabinets on the market today!

Trademarked Sun Warden it has anti- yellowing technology that protects wood from damaging UV rays without changing the natural appearance of the wood. 

When the wood is sanded down and ready for stain and coating the clear coat or white wash treatment is applied to prohibit the yellowing from occuring. 


Honestly we are thrilled to be partnered with Vermont Natural Coatings on multiple levels!

Actually we are staunch supporters and customers of Vermont Natural Coatings and their products. But getting to know VNC is only the tip of the iceberg. Owner Andrew is a visionary with great passion for ingenuity and sustainability, and the legacy he is creating and outreach is immeasurable! 

For us, the wood floor refinishing products are bar none! Safer formulations that don’t have toxic chemicals, these products perform greatly without exposing anyone to harmful ingredients. And they are superb in performance, giving lasting beauty that is sturdy, lasting and gorgeous.  

Repurposed whey protein is the binding agent in the finish made by VNC, Better, safer water based products. And these finishes are derived as a result of the cheese making products.