Cost Effective Hardwood Door Repair to Oak Entry Floor
Look at the crisp clean repair where the donor boards were inserted perpendicular to the running of the floor. This tidies up the foyer threshold in a very cost effective manner. Note- the boards inserted here are pulled from the closet so they match perfectly.
Leaky Front Door Damaged Oak Hardwood Boards
Here are the original damaged ends of the boards at the formal front door- they were cut out. See the water damage which includes the discoloration and the irregular distortion due to swelling

Hardwood Damage From Leaky Door Fixed & Refinished Saving This Homeowner $650.00

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Wood floor using bleaching technique to remove dog urine stains from oak hardwood.
Wood bleach was applied to the pet urine stain. On the right are 2 stain samples for the homeowner to choose from.
Dog Marks Area Rug and Stains Oak Floor
Severe dog urine damage around perimeter of dining room table which soaked through the area rug.
Tung & Groove Oak Has Pet Stains Repaired & Hardwood Refinished To A Dark Shine
Medford Home Living Room Hardwood Floors Beautiful Once Again After Pet Urine Repairs

Pet Stained Hardwood

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