Yes, we are happy to move furniture. It’s up to you what you would like to have us move. Preferences range from just a few things to most things, so we’ll ask you what you want moved before we start.

  • Our pricing is dependent on what you want moved- we charge a little less when we are not moving things, as it’s a time saver; We charge a little more because of added time to move, clean, then protect and preserve your decor and belongings
  • Some items may be fragile or compromised or weakened. Please let us know if anything is rickety. We don’t want to risk damaging anything we move.
  • For example, the mirrors attached at the backs of dressers are very flimsy and there is no way to hold them while moving the dresser, so they very often fall and break, so we don’t want to move those—unless, of course, you detach the mirror before we get there.
  • Lamps and table top items make it difficult to move furniture. So please clear off furniture we will be moving. Also, if dressers are going to be moved, it’s helpful to have you take out some of the drawers.
  • There are some types of beds we don’t move, because some are extraordinarily heavy, or they have legs or wheels that can be damaged when moving them across carpets.
  • We will not move china cabinets, large wall units, big heavy desks, most pianos or grandfather clocks
  • If you have a lot of furniture for us to move, please let us know in advance so we can send an extra technician if we are able to. In some cases, there are other considerations to be made in advance like storage, special moving equipment we might require and need to plan ahead for.

We are happy to move anything that won’t damage your carpet, our technicians, or the object being moved. In other words, we’ll move anything within reason.