Cedar Run is Surprised with Kitchen Floor Replacement

Along with the gift of donating hardwood floor refinishing, Ergonomic Flooring and Sparkle Surface Care donate kitchen Flooring Too!

Honestly, the hardwood floor refinishing project looks fantastic, so fresh, clean and inviting. However, the kitchen and side door vinyl floor, circa 1970’s, totally detracts from all the good work done to improve the facility.

Sidebar, both Wendy and Bryan, native Lake Piners,’ have a bet that the existing vinyl flooring was probably a Bill Matthews Special! Bill Matthews, a long time resident of (Lake Pine) Medford, sold flooring throughout the Medford Area. A local rep, I bet everyone bought flooring from him, and happily so! In fact, Wendy remembers her Mom picking our kitchen carpet (such the ‘in thing’ at the time, an indoor-outdoor kitchen flooring alternative-lol) that darn near matched the vinyl at Cedar Run. Hats Off to Bill, who served selfishly in the community via firehouse and emergency squad activities, perhaps left his legacy at Cedar Run up until this very cold, windy and snowy January, of 2021.

It Was a Mutual Agreement, The Lovely Yellow Vintage Vinyl Had To Go So That The Hardwood Floors Could Shine

As the added project was discussed, we first thought to make it a total surprise. We all were certain the staff would be nothing short of thrilled. And hinting to our secret, we teased Michael O’Malley that we had something up our sleeve. Now just to confirm, we had to make sure we had enough of the flooring to cover the two areas in desperate need of upgrading.

Bryan (of Ergonomic Flooring) said yes, we would squeak through with just enough. Meanwhile he told Michael (Cedar Run Executive Director) of our scheme. Letting Michael in on it, the thinking was we did not want to rain on someone’s parade if anyone else was stepping up to donate flooring for the two rooms. As it turns out, Brian said no, and we said yes—DONE!

Although not a total surprise, it was still a surprise for the other staff, volunteers and others who hold Cedar Run dear to their hearts!

With Finish Coats For The Hardwood Floor Project Delayed, The Vinyl Plank Flooring (LVP) Is Installed

Early Saturday morning the team jumped on the vinyl floor replacement. Both areas were installed simultaneously. Delightedly, even as the first board was laid, we knew it was a “No-Brainer.” Upgrading these floors was going to make the entire place look awesome and contribute to the beautifully refinished hardwoods as well. The result—giving the Nature Center an update to get it out of the 70’s and in to 2021 (thank goodness!)

Three Quarters of The Way Thru The Plank Inventory Was Getting Low But We Made It Work

It would be tight, but it was thought there’d be enough. And, with a little “tweaking” there was. With no planks to spare, the flooring covered both areas fully. But don’t tell, we had to cheat a bit, leaving a small closet and under the back of the fridge cabinet “old school.” shh- don’t tell!

The New Vinyl Floor Was The Perfect Prelude

Keeping it a secret, this upgrade would no doubt be a welcome surprise. It looks awesome. Now, with the vinyl updated, it was time to swing back to finishing the final coats on the hardwoods. Late Saturday afternoon the second finish coat was applied, and Floor Team Cedar Run could go home for the night! So excited how it came out and done for the night, it was a well deserved rest, but we’d be back at it early Sunday Morning.

The Brass Is Up and At It Early Sunday Morning

Meeting Michael, who opened up with the birds, Byran, Chris and Wendy arrived at 6:30 to do the final coat, using Vermont Coatings, water based finish. A wonderful water based alternative, using Vermont Coatings Poly Whey™ natural alternative was the perfect fit all the way around.

A quick sand, some vacuuming and tacking, the last coat was applied. Whether we call them “The Brass,” or as Bryan jokingly refers to himself  (sarcasticly), “The Big Dog,” it was enjoyable for Chris and Bryan to work together trading war stories, a few jabs and even a couple jokes. (Why if you can’t have fun while you work, what fun is that?)

And actually, the last act turned out to be as light hearted and fun as the first. I think Michael (of Cedar Run) admitted, even at 6:30 in the am, the entire project from day one to “last taps” was a hoot! (and in hindsight he admitted it was one of the funniest, most light hearted, and perhaps unforgettable experiences he had with folks donating at the Refuge.)

No doubt Team Ergonomic and Team Sparkle have left an underlying impression at the Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge for all to enjoy! Now, handing it back over to them, everyone at Cedar Run “wood” have to incorporate some do’s and don’ts to ensure the results “wood” have lasting effects.

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